Karen Angel, Nursing Home Employee Interview – Casey / Caylee Anthony Homicide Case

This video was created from a police audio interview with Karen Angel, an employee at the nursing home where Cindy Anthony’s father lives. (Casey’s grandfather / Caylee’s great-grandfather) The interview is short and no useful information appears to have been revealed other than the fact that Karen Angel saw Caylee at the nursing home on Father’s day, 2008. For those of you who are wondering why this video was even uploaded, understand that I get many requests for any information available, regardless of how insignificant it may seem. For this reason, and to keep the collection of videos related to this case as complete as possible, the video was added.

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    10 Responses to “Karen Angel, Nursing Home Employee Interview – Casey / Caylee Anthony Homicide Case”

    1. Wow, this is so depressing. I only just wish that the law is served.

    2. Durancrazy says:

      This is the cutest and the sadest video ever. Why would a mother want to hurt a sweet loving little girl like Caylee. OOh I know why, Casey never loved her, Caylee was in her way and she couldn’t get enough booty because of her. I forgot.

    3. ShiledOfJustice says:

      BadgeOfHonor1 and Shieldofjustice are the same person
      and´╗┐ we’ve known for a while now.

    4. BadgeOfHonor1 says:

      Probably the shortest interview these guys have done with everyone involved in this case.. Lol.. She sounded honest and forthright! Good job Lady!

    5. daytodaylife says:

      I realized that after mentioning it in the comment, there are some children that will hug when asked. I don’t think it’s right for strangers to ask a child for a hug. Caylee keeps looking at Cindy as if waiting for her to say it’s time to go. In this video Cindy tells Caylee I think 3 times to hug PopPop. Kids do what they are told even if they don’t want to, I’d rather have a hug given to me out of love.

    6. AlefHely says:

      Some children do hug strangers if they are nice to them like this lady who says she never saw Caylee before, yet Caylee gave her a hug, my friend’s little daughter who is 2 y.o. is shy with strangers but if mom seems ok with the stranger and the stranger asks to see her toy or to blow her a kiss, she does. So there are some little ones who do that.

    7. katieez01 says:

      Great job again, Nifter! This sounds like a good interview and a very honest worker.

    8. topaz38 says:

      Thanks NM :D

    9. topaz38 says:

      very true … especially at that age.

    10. daytodaylife says:

      I wonder why Karen Angel never saw Caylee previous to this visit? Maybe Cindy brought Caylee at a different shift previously. When Caylee is hugging her Great Grandfather it seems like they have done this before. Little kids don’t just hug like that with people they are not very familiar with.

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