Kapap Canada – Knife Defense Instruction

Master Instructor – Shihan Joseph Schlesinger – demonstrating basic Kapap knife defense techniques at Rampulla’s Martial Arts.

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    8 Responses to “Kapap Canada – Knife Defense Instruction”

    1. daftari says:

      Amazing all you so called experts post comments on a demo. Measure up to a Kapap practitioner before posting your “ignorant” comments.
      Thank you

    2. DudeNumberOnePlus says:

      HAHA 1:25 Rearming disarm – very clever

    3. Mngnt says:

      Thanks for posting and sharing, but I am afraid it won’t work outside of the dojo. At least ot will give pratice and confident to some students… ANd I agree, this is not Krav Maga…

    4. laurentmougeot says:

      Please don’t call this Krav Maga, it is NOT Krav Maga. Kapap is a mix of ju-ji-tsu and other martial arts, Krav Maga is a practical defense system. The techniques shown in this video would NEVER work unless you are attacked by an 80 years old man with Parkinson, Krav techniques against knives are simple , instinctive and involve immediate counter attacks, to stop further attacks. This is movie stuff, not reality fighting

    5. knakkerrrrrr says:

      ooh man, I wish Krav Maga would be tought in my environment, it is tought however, but only to + 18 people:(

    6. kravbob says:

      if an attacker ever decided to stop with just one slash, this would work just fine. Every knife attack I have ever been in, the bad guy withdraws the weapon immediately and attacks from another angle. These techniques require WAY too much refined motor skills. Under an adrenal dump, they would likely be impossible to perform. Simplify and use gross motor skills. Then you will succeed….

    7. matpenkilomike says:

      kapakabana!! Yes!!

    8. littlekatanaweilder says:

      if you ever have gotten puched while holding somthing in your fist you would undertand that you WILL let go, thankyou for this video

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