Trailer of the DVD 228 KAJUKENBO Hawaiian Self-Defense Bande annonce du DVD 228 KAJUKENBO Hawaiian Self-Defense

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    1. bummercal says:

      looks like kempo

    2. GuamKomudo says:

      It’s just a demo video to make people interested… I could say the same about Kyokushin breaking ice… You can smash through 9 blocks of ice, yet no one sits there with their head down waiting for you to chop their head. It’s just a demo thing, not the most effective Kajukenbo, just for show to make others think it’s cool and try it.

    3. dokokai says:

      @GuamKomudo Also I did not say the body can withstand ALL the strikes. I said that the human body is more resilient than this Kajukenbo video demonstrates. Attackers aren’t going to be so co-operative & wait to be hit as this video implies they will.

    4. dokokai says:

      @GuamKomudo So when exactly did you miss the part where I said Kyokushin is for street defense and only the newer Dojo’s have become misguided in focusing on the tournament training?

    5. GuamKomudo says:

      So what are you saying? That the human body can withstand all your strikes and they don’t work??? =P
      Kyokushin is a very good martial art, and you probably know that the average human is not as prepared to take a beating the like the kyokushin body is… I would say that a solid Kyokushin Karate punch to the body on a normal person would give you enough time to get away from the person… Kajukenbo is part Karate as wel las boxing and other fighting arts combined, but it’s 100% street

    6. dokokai says:

      @GuamKomudo You fail to realize that is exactly what Kyokushin was created to do. Street defense to get someone off you. Kyokushin is only modified for tournaments originally as a way to spread the art when it was only about a decade or so old. Nowadays too many Kyokushin Dojos focus on too much tournament training only & the street defense aspect is being lost by younger instructors. But in the older Dojos we still train the old way & ignore much or all of the tournament training.

    7. GuamKomudo says:

      Yeah… The human body can withstand Kyokushin TOURNAMENT strikes, like punches to the chest and body, and kicks to the legs. But martial arts like Kajukenbo and Lua are not meant for tournaments, they’re meant for getting people off you. The combo at the end of this video is not gonna get someone off you, it’s just a demo, but look at Lua. Strikes to the groin,neck, eyes.Grappling locks,finger breaks and even biting the other persons throat and ears is part of it.THAT will get someone off you

    8. edlinjeremy1 says:

      its an art not a SPORT …. for fighting on the streets …. a trained Kyokushin person wouldnt even attack(or rob) me …..so why should i train like that??i would really think about the diffrents from fightingsport and fightingart……..in english it seems like martial arts is the word for everything…..but there are 2 sides in the martial arts world……..and i can not put sport comments on a video what has nothing to do with sport……

    9. mitchx69 says:


    10. FunnyJapanesePranks says:

      Cool Martial Art!

    11. MegaKillerpoo says:

      im getting promoted to purple advaced. :P ANANKU AN KHIONS 1-10

    12. chimibert says:

      @dokokai I am reading your response right now, and in essence I agree a hundred percent with you. Besides, is really hard to actually reach for the groin, eyes or neck, those are well protected both technically and instinctively by any person you may encounter with.

    13. chimibert says:

      @dokokai Brother, I am a long time practicioner of both goju and American kenpo. The first was an inspiration for Shihan Oyama, in the sense that we practice Irikumi go and Hojo Hundo, wich are a full contact practices. Kenpo Karate is also very tough, and I am agree with you in every respect. But self defense main targets are parts that you just can´t train to be tough, as the groin, the neck and the eyes. All of them will shut any attacker out regerdless of size.

    14. dokokai says:

      @kajukenbo12321 So why would you think I can’t shoot you as well?

    15. dokokai says:

      @chimibert ~The purpose of full contact fighting & conditioning the body for it is that IF you miss a block, you will not be afraid to be hit or completely freeze up & shut down when you get hit. It is not to strictly absorb as much punishment as possible although we can withstand a lot more than most people due to conditioning. With the fear of getting hit eliminated, we are free to focus on protecting the face/head & groin.Don’t get hung up on what you see from only watching Kyokushin tourneys

    16. dokokai says:

      @chimibert We train for street self defense using punching to the head but since we don’t use protective equipment we don’t make contact. What you see here on youtube is almost always tournaments & training for them. It is a modified version of what we actually do. People make the mistake in assuming Kyokushin does not train for the face. The older Dojos & Instructors (myself included) DO train for street self defense. No one can condition the groin so we train to avoid getting hit there~

    17. chimibert says:

      @dokokai Yeah buddy, Kyokushin is great, but is not the same thing to be kicked in the groin, or gougged in the eyes than receive mawashis to the body or the legs. There´s a reason why Kyokushin´s Irikumi as full contact as it is, doesn´t allow fists to the face or skull . Osu

    18. killaruna34 says:

      i gotta say, i’ve been watching Fight Quest, on Discovery channel with Jimmy and Dough. really, beautiful sport!

      today I’ve been out here in Holland for eventually Kajukenbo schools.. without any luck:(

      probably Holland doesn’t know the sport:( such an pity!

      friendly greet,

    19. garyfox89 says:

      i know it’s demonstrational but it looks like this stuff will get u hurt, people usually aren’t that compliant when you’re beating on them

    20. garyfox89 says:

      i know it’s demonstrational but it looks like this stuff will get u hurt

    21. MrDeathCab1 says:

      Sorry but did nott interest me much…Very good for speed training but you shouldn’t anticipate the move to go exactly as you plan.In other words, this would be great defense to go against someone who is untrained in anything. If the other guy knows something, it would be a very different match.

    22. Kabamaru2000 says:

      Xmm dont know if its just me but this looks a lot like Wing Tsung

    23. hawaiianselfdefeyaho says:

      they waist so much time.

    24. NaKaneKoa says:

      I understand that Kajukenbo was founded in Hawaii, But we are not Maori ! If you can respect Hawaiian Culture in it’s entirety then you should do more research before taking another cultures Ta’iki and trying to pass it off as Hawaiian. Apologies to my distant cousins in Aotearoa, some cultures still do not understand the significance of Polynesians, but yet they can always take without respect or care.

    25. gomergilligan says:

      I’ve seen kajukenbo that was very rough street fighting type of training (the way it was suppose to be) and the “slap fest” that a lot of kenpo school does – so whatever style you choose – make sure it is somewhat realistic.

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