Judo Self Defense Kata

Gary Goltz, 7th Degree Black Belt, Head of Goltz Judo (goltzjudo.com) and President of the USJA (usja-judo.org), demonstrates the Kodokan self defense forms with his Student Matt Farah, 2nd Degree Black Belt

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    25 Responses to “Judo Self Defense Kata”

    1. gsgoltz says:

      I agree!

    2. 93nicd says:

      Someone needs to teach this guy that you can bend over to pick things up lol

    3. hybridizedstudios says:

      sounds like there’s an elephant in the back room :P

      With that said, awesome demo of centric Judo techniques. And for everyone debating between Judo/Jiu Jitsu/all the others – they’re all related at the most basic of forms, and all borrow from each other in many aspects.

      Try out your local clubs that host lessons and see which ones feel “right” to you (or do all of them :D)

    4. khairuleven says:

      i know that a judo throw can break the legs

    5. wealllovechuck says:

      @larbo1616 Judo is exellent for multiple attackers, and alot of things that are tought in jiu-jitsu, like arm bars, are also tought in Judo.

    6. urmomakiller says:

      @larbo1616 well jiu jitsu Could be better if your fighting 1 v 1 but in a situation where you are outnumberd you cant fight on the ground, judo is just alot more flexible because it works in all situations because on hard ground 1 throw takes out one person and dosent take long at all

    7. MartinezMuayThai says:

      BJJ is just Judo Newaza, but this is awesome Kata there Sensei Goltz.
      I am a Judo player myself and BJJ dojo teaches the same stuff we already learned from Judo.

    8. gsgoltz says:

      Most good BJJ players have a judo background and have lots of respect for judo.

    9. bennymcfarlane says:

      @gsgoltz This is a most excellent reply!

    10. gsgoltz says:

      in competition that’s truebut we also train for self defense.

    11. gsgoltz says:

      You can’t hit in judo competition but this is kata and it´╗┐ is indeed part of the Kodokan’s syllabus. Judo’s roots are jiu-jitsu and BJJ stands for basically just judo!

    12. BoxingBadBoy77 says:

      Hello there, ive been thinking of taking judo up for self-defense purposes but wanted to know how effective it is in those kind of situations?Thank you.

    13. landerpurex says:

      I’ve been learning judo for awhile now and I can say that it *can* be very effective for self defense. It’s best value is for simply ending a fight. Throwing someone in a taiotoshi flat on their back on a bar floor is going to end the fight, essentially.

      Also, the history channel did a body as a weapon episode on Judo, so you tell me? A LOT of force is generated from a throw, and a person being thrown hard on a hard floor is going to be hurt, no doubt. ;)

    14. larbo1616 says:

      Well, some people say that judo isn’t very good for self-defense. They say that jiu-jitsu is better because judo is now more a sport. But can’t you choose to learn it as a self defense, and does every school teach you judo for the “sport” purpose?

    15. gsgoltz says:

      Further I learned Tomiki had the most input on the developement of this kata and he was very much into aikido.

    16. larbo1616 says:

      My teacher said (and I know you didn’t ask me, but I just want to say) that you will learn to dodge counter strikes as you said once you get higher. So when you have your 1st dan, you will start learning that.

    17. gsgoltz says:

      Yes indeed. Check the Kodokan book by Kano!

    18. larbo1616 says:

      This doesn’t really look like Judo. Is it really?

    19. CAVINW says:

      this shows that judo is more that a sport as must people believe, they don`t understand that this is a martial art. the guy`s at my Tae kwon Do and Hapkido class alway`s make fun of judo, until i invited a few of them over to my house to spare, i let them use TKD and i use Judo, long story short, once i hit them with a Seoi Naga the my other friend decline sparring,i showed them some throw after he made it up off the ground lol. now i know what they mean about respect is not giving it`s earn.

    20. kempobrad says:

      bit of a stretch IMO. there’s gotta be (only my opinion) a balance between the realism you get from randori. but you can also miss out on alot as well without the realistic scenarios you may get into. hard to balance them both

    21. gsgoltz says:

      That’s exactly right. However, if we allowed strikes to the groin and other forms of combat used in real self-defense we would risk injuring each other more often than we do currently. Judo prepares a person for a real fight better than any system short of MMA.

    22. kempobrad says:

      cool. i only ask because i always thought that randori was really what makes judo so damn tough. of course some of the wrist locks and things are too easy to break to do completely “live” but it’s that resistance that makes judo guys so hard to beat.

    23. gsgoltz says:

      Not really. Your idea is worth consideration…thanks.

    24. kempobrad says:

      yes but do you ever practice the self defense material in a lively fashion? or just in kata?

    25. gsgoltz says:

      Kata is a pre-arranged demo. Randori and shiai are spontaneous and comprise a major part of judo training.

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