Jiulong Baguazhang Earth Palm

Earth Palm 螺旋掌Jiulong Baguazhang 九龍八卦掌This Clip: A short demonstration of Earth / Spiraling Palm螺旋掌shape and application used in the Li family Jiulong Baguazhang (Nine Dragon Eight Diagram Palm Boxing). Earth / Spiraling Palm make use of soft spinning power. It is represented in the Yijing or book of changes by the Gua Kun 坤the feminine power. ——————————————————————— From: This clip is excerpted from Nine Dragon Baguazhang for Street Combat DVD Series. The program teaches concepts and principles of Jiulong Baguazhang internal martial art. Students learn meditation, martial qigong, and standing, circle walking and practical martial applications. These six productions take you step by step through the Nine Dragon Baguazhang combative training. The videos also feature tactical applications of the Baguazhang palms including speed and power drills. Many applications are shown at full unrehearsed combat speed and then broken down to explain the principles involved. TO ORDER: Thegompa@aol.com care of Mike Leach office manager. ———————————————————————— To learn more about Combat methods and principles you are encouraged to contact us at The Gompa Center Thegompa@aol.com We can supply you with this award winning video series or information on ordering our two new books “Combat Baguazhang the Nine Dragon System”. Please also visit us on line at www.ninedragonbaguazhang.com If

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    8 Responses to “Jiulong Baguazhang Earth Palm”

    1. 1969jmac says:

      I love this concept and the fluidity. I have trained in various systems over the last two and a hlaf decades but never had an opportunity to practice any chinese styles. This looks like something I would really get into. Wish there was a school nearby

    2. thegompa says:

      @OctavianG2 @OctavianG2 Dear Friend We do have a school in London run by Rey Bowen.Contact him about classes at set1uk@yahoo.co.uk

    3. OctavianG2 says:

      I wish you lived in the UK

    4. kevinwoody49 says:

      Weak stepping!!

    5. DarthLawya says:

      unbelieveable and clearly!


      *deep bow*

      Pleazzzz go on with Your explanations!

    6. TheTaoistdragon says:

      Gently and relaxed! Wonderful!

    7. alopda1 says:

      Bagua that really looks like bagua, thank you  sifu Painter.

    8. thegompa says:

      Please Read the Information on this video. Thank You! John P. Painter

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