Jiu Jitsu Self Defense

Gracies show a quick overview of some self defense moves

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25 Responses to “Jiu Jitsu Self Defense”

  1. Mr8directions says:

    Most of these techniques are in the Gracie self defense book, but it’s neat to be able to see them in motion picture. Thanks for posting.

  2. OmarDelfinity says:

    @MDIS You gotta be realistic.

  3. zac8929 says:

    I have no idea where there is just very limited views of this video . Actually , this video is probably one of the most professional .

  4. fellowmercenary says:

    basically just judo

  5. ThirdEyeLight says:

    Great video thanks for posting!

  6. ThirdEyeLight says:


    You have a valid point but if you cannot run immediately the last thing you want to do with multiple attackers is go to the ground. I think that is what the person is saying. You don’t always have the option to run right away, you may have to fight your way through someone blocking your path first.

  7. MDIS says:

    It is okay , i understood and i agree with you totally on the part of avoidance in any self defense situation. Peace and Keep On Grappling. Ooh i love how the Gracie Academy is now producing videos on how to stop bullies in school for children. Love their videos and methodologies.

  8. peltiersupporter says:

    @MDIS Sorry if I came off as angry, I was just wanting to emphasize the point about how essential avoidance is to self defense. No hard feelings

  9. MDIS says:

    You do not need to be angry or annoyed.
    No body is saying you are or others are wrong , or who is the best and effective.

    But come on , if you have been to the military you would have at least known the difference between a cage fight with rules and street brawling where’s there rules especially in war torn iraq , etc where rules are nothing to them.

    Grappling can be effiicent with a stand-up.
    That is it.

  10. MDIS says:

    I agree.

  11. peltiersupporter says:

    @MDIS Personally I don’t care who you are and what you know, the best thing to do against multiple aggressors ESPECIALLY if they have weapons is to RUN!

  12. MDIS says:

    Can be street effective but if combined with a stand-up core.
    Do remember , on the street it is anything goes and self defense is the name of your game.

    A good striking core such as Muay Thai Kickboxing , Boxing , Taekwondo , Karate even Chinese Martial Arts can do wonders because most fights start off as standing position , multiple opponents and they can be with weapons.

    Grappling alone is not enough but is essential for ground fight and fighting bigger guys.

  13. gabbomushy says:

    the brothers royce and rorion….woohoo..

  14. kommisar says:

    Rorion’s armbars look rather loose. Notice how far apart the knees are.

  15. pitchforkboyz says:

    Was that Royce???

  16. peltiersupporter says:

    Yes, jiu jitsu and judo are very close in style. Judo has alot more throws whereas jiu jitsu focuses more on the ground game. Both are adaptable for a street situation. A simple judo throw is all you may need however if you are out muscled and it ends up on the ground thats where your jiu jitsu ground game should kick in. My suggestion is use your ground game to get back up in the street rather than go for a submission. Learn a good striking art (Muay Thai) too

  17. atgblue1 says:

    so I have just been watching some videos of judo and jiu jitsu today. used to only think karate was that kind of stuff. So is jiu jitsu like judo? What would be more practical for realtime self defense?

  18. peltiersupporter says:

    @pancube dont worry there will be a whole segment of videos breaking down these and similar moves

  19. pancube says:

    maybe a little bit slower can help :) de que parte du brasil vc eh?

  20. mmtxaz says:

    @kempobrad I agree that most BJJ schools have strayed from what Helio originally wanted, and that was for BJJ to be a self defense system. As for the triangle choke, getting picked up and slammed is a possibility but there are ways to prevent it from happening, like hooking the leg with your arm.

  21. kempobrad says:

    @mmtxaz certainly in certain situations they can be. but most bjj schools that i’ve seen focus more on the sporting aspect..eg..we’re already rolling around on the ground. not so much street scenarios. said techniques can also be a quick and painful route to defeat. i’ve even heard bjj guys say they’d never do a triangle in a street fight because its too likely for their taste..to get slammed. their words not mine.

  22. mmtxaz says:

    @kempobrad armbars and triangle chokes are self defense.

  23. kempobrad says:

    @JKT6 the point is you shouldn’t have to

  24. JKT6 says:

    you can cross train in judo for those throws

  25. lawker777 says:

    hapkido is no match.

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