Jim Corn Double Tap Promo

Jim Corn shows a preview of his new DVD.

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26 Responses to “Jim Corn Double Tap Promo”

  1. Ben says:

    @imithcellgill, you're an idiot LMAO

  2. imitchellgill says:

    You lost. You wasted your money learning from a fraud who is built like a teletubby. Have you noticed that almost all of the people selling this crap go to the same donut store? They are all brutally out of shape. Really exemplary of the martial art they sell.

    These guys also advocate the no touch knock out and worse, they give multiple reasons for success and failure. That is a VERY bad sign. They make up whatever they have to.

  3. jkdecker73 says:

    Try to choke out Jim, see how real that is. You wouldn’t get it sunk in, you’d be knocked out.
    I didn’t lose anything. I gained a wealth of knowledge on what I KNOW works.

  4. imitchellgill says:

    Then why have there been so many fails? So many people that this “magic” cannot touch?

    See, you didn’t MAKE money on this shit. You LOST money on this shit. To believe a sucker is to become a sucker.

    My Mateo Leo works on EVERYBODY. I sink it, I win. All the fakery of this MA is a disgrace. My opinion. You don’t have to like it.

  5. jkdecker73 says:

    What suggestion? You get hit, it’s not suggested. Fake? No. I had it done to me. More than once. So until you try it, why call it fake? I’ve not made money off this, and I’m telling you it’s real. I took a few years worth of classes, have you?????????

  6. TASolutions says:

    Master Corns hands have to be the most badass hands in the world :)

  7. imitchellgill says:

    BTW. I like the way that you said that Corn will make a “Believer” out of me.

    I guess that is only if I am susceptible to his suggestion. I’m not.

    All of the fatties that subscribe to this shit look the same. Like they never passed up a meal and they really didn’t finish school.

    I encourage everyone to do your research before giving these fakers a nickel.

  8. imitchellgill says:

    Thank you for demonstrating the type of moron that subscribes to this stuff.

    Maybe you are unaware that to fly from one country to another it costs money. I am not willing to fly to Indiana to have this guy fail (check the fail on my favorites…it rocks!) and then start telling me 40% of people it works on, my tongue or toes were in the wrong place.

    If it won’t work on everyone, it is useless. MY chokes work on everybody. Get that? Everybody.

    Master Corn is fat. Call fat mass. sad.

  9. smithy21able says:

    Your first class is free

  10. imitchellgill says:


    First of all, I can talk about whoever I want on Youtube. I actually don’t need your permission. What an asswipe!

    Second, NOBODY wants to go down to Petersburg Indiana. Like anyone is going to spend money to see this fakery.

    Thirdly (if it’s a word) This guy is fat. No matter how you bitch, he is a fatty. I don’t know what MA means to you, but I don’t get taught by fatties.

    You are a bassist. good. Do that and watch your Matrix movies. I would not admit that is your dad.

  11. smithy21able says:

    If you knew anything about the human anatomy, dipshit, you would know that mass equals strength. Master Corn is very strong and VERY fast. If you don’t believe me, get down to Petersburg Indiana,ask him to show you some stuff.

  12. smithy21able says:

    Maybe on the website, but I’ve learned sparring techniques from him and he knows what he’s talking about.

  13. smithy21able says:

    First of all, Master Corn is my sensei and friend, so don’t talk crap about him. Second, if you want to come down here to Petersburg Indiana, he’ll make a believer out of you.

    btw, the guy at 1:01 is my dad.

  14. MrBrokenwind says:

    the problem with you mma a guys u fight by rules an this is how you train by the rules i dont fight unless i have to shoot in i love it when you guys come in with your head dowwn

  15. JasonDeck73 says:

    I am proud to say I was a student of Jim’s in Petersburg, IN. I know first hand this works. It’s not just his students. George Dillman has thousands take his seminars every year along with Jim. I remember on one occasion a man drove over 5 hours from Chicago paid his entrance an before it was over was totally amazed. We learned Ryu Kyu Kempo along with some small circle jui jitsu from the teachings of Wally Jay. As for UFC, they do not allow small joint manipulation or pressure points.

  16. imitchellgill says:

    By the way, the WORST thing you can do is contradict yourself. You admit that these so called points are the size of quarters and impractical to try and hit them. So why learn how?

    Also, anyone hitting the points with SO LITTLE force is doing absolutely nothing to their opponent. What is practical about that?

    I searched Kyusho in Canada and I only found one place in the entire country. Too bad… i wanted to go and have someone try it on me. When it failed… i post back. Can’t find it.

  17. imitchellgill says:

    I call it like I see it. This guy is about 3 cheeseburgers away from a heart attack. He won’t last in a real fight? Unless he knocks him out in a real big hurry, he will be winded fast.

    Yes actually, my instructor DOES teach us a technique and you roll with students who are better and worse than you. That’s right. Actually trying to dominate against an opponent who is trying to beat you.

    I know that you’re in high school and believe this nonsense. Don’t get in a real fight and try it.

  18. kj01a says:

    As far as pressure points go, yeah they’re the size of quarters, and it is impractical to try to hit eight point with eight different strikes. But what if I target a face point and miss. I still hit the guy in the face. How’s that impractical.

  19. kj01a says:

    First of all, there’s no reason for name calling.

    Also what’s impractical about it. Ok the people just stand there and get hit, but that is a demonstration. He’s teaching. Your jiujitsu teacher doesn’t just thorw you in with all the ranking students and expectes you to roll with them. I’m guessing he showed you how to move on the ground, and taught you some techniques first right?

  20. imitchellgill says:

    Well believe what you will. I see a fatso working his “magic” on willing participants in a completely unreal and impractical way.

    Years ago, I saw a tall, thin 170lb Brazilian take on a variety of styles in the UFC1 and he beat them all (twice). So I signed up for BJJ and I enjoy the exercise (nobody shaped like this fat bugger where I train) the PRACTICALITY.

    Go sign up for this snake-oil MA and I wish you the best. No offence…. but I don’t believe that Jim Corn knocked you out.

  21. kj01a says:

    That’s all well and good, but I’ve seen this stuff first hand. I’ve met Jim Corn, and he’s knocked me out (and I’m not one of his students.)

    I have “first hand” exprience that lets me say for a fact that it is not magic or a fraud; it’s science.

  22. theawakener7 says:

    So do you know where I can see this master doing this while sparring?

  23. imitchellgill says:

    Ok. That was great. Thanks!

  24. imitchellgill says:

    I asked a medical doctor and trained acupuncturist about this, showed him the videos (he said, no way), watched some documentaries, watched the “yellow bamboo” phenomenon, watched the “human stun gun” fail on ANYONE but his own students.

    People like to part with their money for foolish reasons, but ultimately common sense has to prevail.

  25. kj01a says:

    What makes you say it’s a fraud?

  26. theawakener7 says:

    Wow! Can someone please let me know if there are any clips of this great master doing live contact sparring showing this amazing stuff, as is, in the moment with a good opponent? Cheers, thanks to anyone who can help.

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