Jim Carrey’s Karate School of Self Defence!

jim carrey in full fury! haha enjoy

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    25 Responses to “Jim Carrey’s Karate School of Self Defence!”

    1. poppinawheelie says:

      If he didn’t have the mustache and if his hair was blonde, he would look like the Russian from Rocky IV

    2. JackJack2k says:

      @nonameplayer well karate is a TRADITIONAL martial art, it is not about fighting, it’s about being one with body and mind, which is pretty obvious that you don’t know anything about what you are trying to say, before you try to troll, know what your talking about

    3. DjRodimusPrimeXyZ says:

      @nonameplayer that is the most IGNORANT statement i have seen someone make about karate, some of the guys in mma, have a karate background, noob. how old are you 12? lol no martial art is better than another, they all have the same common denominator. BTW karate is not a sport, it can be, but no more of a sport than mma.

    4. nonameplayer says:

      karate is a weak sport. most of the top mma fighters are wrestlers, boxers and jujitsu fighters

    5. karatesoccerbaseball says:

      I think this was from the awesome show IN LIVING COLOR
      My dad loves that show

    6. Shindai says:

      It’s ironic that his kamae is better than a lot of students I see :p His kiai’s pretty decent too lol

    7. bushidolovecock says:

      It’s just like real karate

    8. reeytards says:

      That might of hurt if I…Hadn’t shifted Mr. Happy. Rofl.

    9. fregate12 says:

      i love thias scene because im do karate and it is very funny!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    10. dronin87 says:

      @Vaati943 lots of actors wear black belts, i could where a white belt but inside i will always be a black belt

    11. Vaati943 says:

      i know its supposed to be funny. but it disgraces the martial arts. He’s not a black belt. And he shouldn’t be wearing one.

    12. jruby9109 says:

      who the fuck do you think you are, Taylor Lautner?

    13. HaikuWar says:

      SempiNick your hella wrong and Mogwi is right, SHODAN is 1st degree black belt…

    14. mogwi411 says:

      If you’re a black belt in karate you should know that senpai does not mean blackbelt. It means senior rank (used with Kohai to denote junior rank). A green belt addressing a brown belt would call him sempai. Sempai is also generally the most senior rank who isn’t a black belt..

      Black belt is shodan. (1st degree black belt). Kyu is for rank beneath black belt, dan is used for ranks of blackbelt and above.

    15. simonconroy08061 says:

      thats great….

    16. sempinick says:

      lol im a black belt also! thats what my username means my name is nick and sempi means blackbelt. i have had it for 2 years! well 2 years on november 16!

    17. Jimmytwofifty says:

      it’s not snl, or mad tv. it’s in living colour.

    18. Salger12 says:

      The way he stands at 3:49 is fucking hilarious!

    19. Salger12 says:

      It’s sketch comedy. Like MadTv or SNL.

    20. 1bolanddav says:

      I seem to think that I saw this on Mad TV

    21. antey2008 says:

      what movie is this clip in?

    22. throllkhing says:

      piç yaw :D:D:D:D:D

    23. KymAllOver says:

      ahaha i love Jim Carrey (:

    24. senxo says:

      LOL. This video is not far from many of the self defense videos on youtube.

    25. jof880 says:

      Nice vidéo hahahahah

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