James Sutton & Lyndon Ogbourne | This Morning Interview

Vote James Sutton as Best Newcomer at the NTA’s 2010: www.nationaltvawards.com Actors James Sutton and Lyndon Ogbourne join Holly & Phil to reveal all. Tuesday 12th January 2010. No copyright infringement is intended.

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24 Responses to “James Sutton & Lyndon Ogbourne | This Morning Interview”

  1. EinkOLED says:

    I don’t think I could ever have a conversation with James, he is too self conscious and fake.
    Very unmanly and it is a quality I hate in all men.
    He doesn’t have the right balance of looks and personality, sure women we like his nice skin/hair and face, but would probably get bored of him pretty quickly.

  2. ohagan18xxx says:

    lyndon is so hot :) i want him lol james is fit 2

  3. putachicano says:

    lyndon and james looks alike…

  4. resilienceman says:

    What is it with the blokes in Emmerdale being farmers and pussies.

  5. adele824 says:

    i love yu lyndon (: xxxx

  6. 162shell says:

    lyndon i so lovely i love is bad boy act as nathan though lol

  7. 162shell says:

    Lyndon is so hot i love is bad boy act as Nathan

  8. GleekCat94 says:

    Lyndon ;) what a babe!

  9. ILoveLyndonOgbourne says:

    Omg how fit does lyndon look :O
    omg i want him now !! aaaah

  10. AnElephantsChild says:

    Nice cardy ;-)

  11. TeaCub says:

    I still prefer the professional acting pairing of James and Guy, but I’m glad James and Lyndon get on.

    I have to admit, I dropped Emmerdale early last year because of the awful 2007/2008 storylines, but now seeing this, I realise it’s doing really well. The humble pie tastes like apple and blackberry. I kinda feel like I’ve somewhat missed out on things a bit.

    I’m sorry, Emmy. Forgive me?

  12. xxKitKat700xx says:

    Love them!!

  13. soonersherewego says:

    me thinks that James is missing the softest lips in show biz, Hey leave me alone a guy can dream right!!

  14. berrybananaz says:

    Why does everyone assume its one killer? Maybe Mark gets killed Lady Vengeance style. Not a spoiler, just speculation hehe.

  15. JalapaoMaji says:

    @MichaelDCoogan Are you referring to how James gaze to Lyndon LOL

  16. vickistarlet says:

    You would…

  17. kanamesenpaixxx says:

    *drools* i’d do so many things to james sutton….


    did i say that out loud?

  18. MichaelDCoogan says:

    im convinced James is gay tbh

  19. Guyluster says:

    Love James!

  20. lancecowboy says:

    James is such a talented actor. He has transitioned from Hollyoaks to create yet another memorable and adorable character in Ryan. With or without a driver’s license, the guy is special and the producers would be crazy to not sign him up for a long contract.

  21. cumbinow4fun says:

    I’d like to take them both for a long hard drive….

  22. nadineworldwide says:

    Thanks for the upload.

  23. guyburnetfan says:

    So cute when they are talking about James not being able to drive, lol. Thanks a lot for uploading Jon, I missed this earlier as I didnt know they were going to be on it. Your a star.

  24. JohnPaulandCraig says:

    Thanks a lot for uploading, love James and Lyndon. Cant wait for tonights episode.

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