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25 Responses to “Israeli Krav Maga”

  1. bheddon says:

    @usmcandrew16 Right, and kill off our most useful ally in the war for other countries’ natural resources.

  2. usmcandrew16 says:

    America could destroy Israel in a heart beat.

  3. clearcombat says:

    @KingoftheGods123 That how it starts.

  4. clearcombat says:

    @agoenner What is going on with the politics of Krav Maga? There is IKMA, World Krav Maga, Commando Krav Maga. I think the Krav thatl ooks the best is IKMA with david Kahn. World Krav Maga is owned by a district attorney who tried to trademark the name and Commando is taught by a complete phony. Why doesn’t IKMA have more schools opening, any near me in Mount Olive, NJ?

  5. lqiyun7 says:

    @TheIsraelikrav uh i think he’s referring to the arm-bar…

  6. joejar5 says:

    Shoot I don’t care what ANYBODY else says, I’m AMERICAN and I’m NOT ashamed to say, GO ISRAAAAAAEEEEEELLLL!!!!!!! Hahahaha!!!

  7. joe90210 says:

    this is a pretty good Interpretive dance video of fighting. What other show do these people perform in?

  8. Peno234 says:


  9. TheIsraelikrav says:

    @abner0fedor Punching him in the throat — jiu jitsu?

  10. abner0fedor says:

    1:05 haha thats jiu jitsu 101

  11. x666666x says:

    @chrisgraham1204 Conan the Barbarian OST

  12. chrisgraham1204 says:

    Does anybody know what the music in his video is?

  13. KingoftheGods123 says:

    I’d kill to be as good as that guy.

  14. mrmagic1989 says:

    @xxxJimiGxxx yes

  15. ADHR26 says:

    @BaLdHoRnYCat ya and everybody in Israeli must be in the military for two years

  16. 1203125 says:

    didnt know street fighting had a special name..

  17. djt111080 says:

    as a former ranger we got a little into krav in our training im also a black belt in T.K.D. and have studied jujitsu and judo and now study krav 3 times a week here in tucson i can tell you it is far Superior to any other form of self defense because it is so practical and bio mechanical. very natural movements with a lot of force. i love it.

  18. Beat53Box says:


  19. skaterjrd99 says:

    brutal…i love it

  20. wilthefinisher says:

    @gonzeboy how many times a week is recommended to train and is the membership reasonable?

  21. TheIsraelikrav says:

    To xxxJimiGxxx

    Krav maga teaches de-escalation and control techniques, especially, against attacks or aggression from a deranged person, the elderly, and children. Krav maga’s measured force and principles are widely used by the law enforcement community.

  22. xxxJimiGxxx says:

    Krav Maga seems to be trained hard and fast and with a lot of channeled aggression. So I have a question: What if your grandma has a psychotic episode and flips out at you, are you gonna smash her face in and break her wrist as an instinctive reaction?

  23. cimun11 says:

    Roy Elghanayan Rules”

  24. ChichKrav says:

    Enjoyed the book and the video too… More please!

  25. hazymoonbeam says:

    David is the best! I have trained at his school. He and all his instructors are excellent.

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