Israeli combat point shooting method – KAPAP ACADEMY LLC.

A typical training day with Kapap Academy… Israeli combat point shooting method by Instructor Albert timen. this class is done with first time and advanced shoothers on the firing line.

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25 Responses to “Israeli combat point shooting method – KAPAP ACADEMY LLC.”

  1. LoneRiderz says:

    The UK used to be the best too…

  2. jawb1987 says:

    now thats training!!!!

  3. TheGrayLadyAsh says:

    nice training!

  4. alterack says:

    Damn that’d be fun. Good trainning, nice video. Way to rock that Modern Isosceles.

  5. yair17k says:

    the best

  6. duckhunter4ever29 says:

    Shit, that looks like fun!!!!!

  7. ernestridge1 says:

    The Israelis I know and respect are those that maintain a firm objectivity about the limits of the world tribe and how they relate to it positively, in terms of their religion, their culture, and their diplomacy, without sinking into the all too sad stereotype of the loud bullying inflexible zealot.

  8. Springr1911 says:

    I pray for the day that Israel can live in peace. They sweat in training so they don’t bleed in battle.

  9. Curatalo506 says:

    that guy did sort of bad at around 1:30ish.

    still extremely badass tho,

    longlive Israel, detah to islam

  10. ZPQTube says:

    Maybe Iran get the nuke?

  11. TraceurDeathborn says:

    Israel has the best trained army, every man and woman is trained to be the best plus Israel has a lot of advanced weapons and US support, so Iran can’t stand a chance against two armies…

  12. dboch3716 says:

    These guys train like they fight! Very cool!

  13. ZPQTube says:

    Maybe Iran? I`m not supporter of Iran, but maybe one day.

  14. arkoffproducciones says:

    son los mejores un saludo desde chile aaròn

  15. RRFCaptain says:

    People have been shot through sights and beaten up using other methods than military close combat methods many times bro.

  16. RRFCaptain says:

    I would love to do courses with these guys!

  17. Somersault111 says:

    The last shooting engage, was it point shooting or flash sight? anybody knows?

  18. Roberthurz says:

    Israel rocks! No wonder no can mess with them!

  19. fenixfirenze says:

    Una cagata pazzesca

  20. FrontlineSolutions says:

    Looks like a solid basic gun stuff.

  21. Liist says:

    I have nothing against point shooting, because sometimes you just can’t get the stance. What I don’t like is the whole new technique introduced and especially teaching people how to point shoot without teaching them how to use the sights.

  22. hans421 says:

    Yes, it’s the same with “martial arts”. What you train for is what you cannot apply in a real situation because of your heart rate going nuts. that is why military close combat and point shooting is the only thing that work because they do not depend on fine motor skills at all.

  23. jckaboom says:

    sorry comment posted twice!!!

  24. jckaboom says:

    depends on distances, your support hand is used for crowd control and or control of someone like a civilian or vip, I’d agree that 0-7m one hand and anymore two handed.

  25. jckaboom says:

    Point shooting is a technique that can be trained in any stance. If you shoot comfortably in a weaver or say chapman stance then it is easy to PS or Instinctive shoot with training and hard practise.

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