ISR PM (Defensive Tactics)

ISR PM Defensive Tactics for civilians, see more at

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16 Responses to “ISR PM (Defensive Tactics)”

  1. voxman77 says:


  2. paingivingshooter says:

    It’s a cover of “Saturadays Nights alright for Fighting” by Nickelback

  3. dave112381 says:

    What would you suggest to make the training better?

  4. Kwietwahker says:

    Great video, like the training methods. Can’t wait for all the BJJ advocates to applaud the “live” training even though the punches, knees and kicks are being pulled and some throws decelerated for training safety.

  5. jampony2 says:

    Trained there for many years. Luis is an incedible trainer/person. Sparred with alot of those guys, some wars in that gym. I still live down the street, and intend to go back soon…..

  6. thaniewin says:

    whats the name of that song starting at 3:30?


  7. tipeo002 says:

    milicos locos

  8. deltaunocuba says:

    StraightBlastGym 4 life !!!

  9. jamesseckold says:

    Hosting ISR in Sydney Australia 26th to 28th sept 2008.

    Cant wait.



  10. roninblax says:

    Reppin StraightBlastGym 4 life

  11. naughtiusmaximus222 says:

    Liked it. Bout time some people started posting some realistic videos.

  12. dugudall230 says:

    very cool great vid. music is a bit much though

  13. Edward6360 says:

    lol one of the fights is street nd some of them are self defence

  14. zeerebel says:


  15. ManchesterBudo says:

    Loving your work guys!!Great Job.

  16. Ixba07 says:

    awesome!!!! this is so good!!!

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