Interrogation Room 1 : Extreme Martial Arts – [2007]

CLICK READ MORE ***** Try the HQ Version here : White shirt : Louis-Philippe Simard Gray shirt : Francois Mequer Extreme Martial Arts Fight – Interrogation Room – The Movie [2007] INTERROGATION ROOM: Terrorists strike a devastating blow to vulnerable city. A terrorist suspect is apprehended by the police but the vague art of verbal interrogation falls short to shake information from the stubborn suspect. The terrorist suspect is led to the police gym by a young but an enraged detective exasperated at earlier failure in interrogation. In the police gym, the suspect is treated to a tougher, “hands-on” interrogation at the hands of the young police detective who is experienced in the martial arts. But, unknown to him, the terrorist is also an accomplished martial art expert. Feigning first a pacified posture when taunted by the detective to “hit me” the suspect counter attacks the detective. A down and dirty exchange then erupts between the two delivering nearly every physical punishment as might be found in a mixed martial art fight with jujitsu style grappling utilizing a gamut of arm bars, violent leg locks and blocks, choke holds mixed with the stunning excitement of Taekwondo-like flying jumps, somersaults and thrilling spinning kicks and raw punches. One’s attention is riveted on this “kick-ass” type of interrogation! The police detective, in the white shirt, is played by Montreal’s Louis-Philippe Simard of StudioLPS who placed Fifth in the 2008

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25 Responses to “Interrogation Room 1 : Extreme Martial Arts – [2007]”

  1. 2011GANTZ says:


  2. KMSigler says:

    You forgot the “WHAT THE FU-*BOOM*!!!” at the beginning ;)

    Good though… looks really matrix though lol (maybe thats why you used the music. that I seem to recall being on there…)

  3. Jokeroon says:

    nice Fight-scenes but watch our video

  4. abadcito says:

    absolutelly briliant, great fighting scenes, acting not so good, but the fighting flawless!!.

  5. edlo123 says:

    nicely done!!!

  6. StudioLPS says:

    Thank you very much ! Appreciated !
    Hope you rated 5 stars for support ! Thanks a lot !

  7. Honor1104 says:

    that’s some insane stuff guys
    way to represent WTF taekwondo :P

  8. StudioLPS says:

    hahahaha , well said !!

  9. srsrsr2 says:

    jack bauer woulda defused the bomb

  10. babyboohxD says:

    ah ok…thank you

  11. dougstiro says:

    now I liked this, was well worked out and with guys who knew what they were doing. Love the sound effects when they get a hit!! lol

    Move at 3:50 is cool

  12. TrustKismet1 says:

    rofl nice sound effects

  13. FordFocusST1202 says:

    hey, yes, the song is called
    “Rob D – Clubbed To Death”

  14. sardjo78 says:


  15. alexbaxthedarkside says:

    nice experimenting wit hthe slow mo, very well put together fight, i liked the moves :)

  16. MrGianmichael says:


  17. babyboohxD says:

    at 2:03 comes a soundtrack…can somebody say how it is called ?…. and also great job guys ver nice vid…5/5

  18. Tonystark114 says:


  19. StudioLPS says:

    The song during the fight is from THE MATRIX movie

  20. Tonystark114 says:

    Slow clap! That video was awesome! who did the second sond in the fight scene?

  21. mecano564 says:

    lol w00t im breakdancing my ass off right now

  22. Furyofthetiger says:

    too much slowmotion, makes this a bit boring. But the kicks are really nice, no doubt about it. By the way, nice speciel effects.

  23. kickmasta says:

    awesome kicks!

  24. dannypursglove says:

    its funny how people in sydney appear to have american accents haha, apart from that, pretty entertaining

  25. Jacquesabdul93 says:

    you guys are realy good!

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