How To Stay Employed / Educational Training Video

How To Stay Employed / Video from “How to Keep A Job”. What you need to do to stay employed: choose the right job, get along with colleagues, maintain positive attitude, etc. Producer: Coronet Instructional Films; Creative Commons license: Public Domain

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10 Responses to “How To Stay Employed / Educational Training Video”

  1. rosrychaplet says:

    retrenching in the 50′s in downsizing in the 21st century

  2. michiganois says:

    I see that the educational collaborator [00:12] is John N. Given. Wikipedia does not list him. Is that his given name? : – )

  3. 6motion6 says:

    dont’ complain about your past job at an interview!

    I can tell immediately, that I would not want to work for this man.

  4. bejkabyle says:

    my manager got a hard feeling of me ,because he wanna show to the owner that everything is doing good , that’s why that he didn’t want to fix the situation ,then after i wrote a report to my owner ,he got made of me ,he preferred to protect the employee who harassed me then me .
    so he did everything to discriminate me to my boss to get fire.

  5. bejkabyle says:

    even the boss saw that the manager is wrong but he’s gonna prefer to sacrifice an employee then manger for not disturbing business.
    so what happened to me it’s unbelievable ,i have never thought to live that kind of situations in United states of America, I got harassed verbally and physically because i was doing my job and when I speak up to my boss with a report after irresponsibility of my manager who can not fix the situation. I got fired .

  6. bejkabyle says:

    I believe that if you want to keep your job that you have to show yourself that you are the best ,you have to approve that ,and when you speak up with your manager or owner , you have to listen and you have to say yes i ll do it.

  7. bejkabyle says:

    Actually in my knowing it’s too hard to fire a good performer why? because a good performer has always something concrete which who’s going to protect him or herself .

    But a poor performer can believe that he did too much mistakes after he she signed two or three warning writing .

    So my question ,do you think that the manager can fire someone who worked more then 18 months without warning verbal y or writing ?if someone said yes…..please explain to me in what kind of situations…..?

  8. Leetist says:

    Also many employers have an online quiz that is anywhere from 20-50 questions so that if you get a low score you are not even considered for the position. Most people lie and make themselves look better than they are giving themselves an advantage over those who answer the questions honestly. Looks like employers who use this system may have the unintended consequence of hiring a bunch of dishonest employees, which is exactly why I avoid employment at places that require a online quiz.

  9. Leetist says:

    In my experience it is easier to hold a job than land one. It is even harder if you have never had a job before. Luckily I had someone put in a good word for me and I got hired which I stuck with for 3 years. I then wanted to try something new and did the entire process without any assistance and it took months until I even got an interview. I landed this job but it was the worst experience of my life and I quit after 2 weeks. Now I have a part-time job and looking for another.

  10. ABAisSCIENCE says:

    Cool Video!

    When was it made?

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