How to Interrogate a Dummy (Powerpoint Animation)

Another one of my powerpoint cartoons. dont forget to rate comment and subscribe. stickboarding stickmen stickman stick cartoon happy tree friends awesome snowboarding skateboarding powerpoint snowskating skimboarding random funny stuff board to the limit animation tha race cliff…

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3 Responses to “How to Interrogate a Dummy (Powerpoint Animation)”

  1. Geisthunter says:

    haha nice one :D
    ive just uploaded a couple of presentations…

    pls check it out :)

  2. liamturn97 says:

    thanks its my 4th one so its not that great but on my next one im putting voice on hopefully

  3. inhellnow11 says:

    ok its ok i will rate 5 because i am nice and watch another video

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