Being attacked by a guy with a knife or a gun or some shit is fucking scary but it doesnt have to be. Heres three ways to avoid being hurt by sociopaths who have no regard for human life.

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    25 Responses to “HOW TO FIGHT”

    1. 2JAMMY says:

      Damn scary nose pick at 0:07. Imagine getting accosted in an alleyway on a dark night and the twat picks your nose for you – must bring tears to any hardened fighting man.

    2. sumlafs2006 says:

      Epic WIN!!!!!!!

    3. HardCoreKilla241 says:

      awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww soooo cute!!

    4. GibsonGuitar66 says:


    5. hex2t12345 says:

      watch out! that kid has a gun!

    6. TheNameisSpeed says:

      0:06 BOOGER ATTACK

    7. JohnnyBoyCali says:

      ha ha the beginning was hilrious with the body showing off her tummy and then the mask sliding down. lol

    8. jak1997100 says:

      fat boy or girl

    9. 294ongaurd says:

      Heyy love da flannel

    10. MadBabyProductions says:


    11. Dumshitcunts says:

      fat gangster baby xD

    12. RAVINGRUDOLF says:

      picked his nose and wiped it off his eyebrow

    13. GOLDENCHOOPER28 says:

      0:08 picking nose

    14. goldraptoredition says:

      fucking mean to that baby!!!! CHILD ABUSE!

    15. hockeydude634 says:

      i liked how he picked his nose in the beggining

    16. Steelkillblade says:

      Kids like, “Wtf?”

    17. Alexanaderjose says:

      cute lil gurl aww

    18. HarryPotterDBZ says:

      baby: “ohohh!!” CUTE

    19. HarryPotterDBZ says:

      poor baby

    20. Weirdemokiss says:

      Shakin’ Baby Much! Lmao

    21. GibsonGuitar66 says:


    22. AqwIchigo says:

      who knew deadly gangsters can we cute lool!

    23. natyalejandra7 says:

      lol i should use this on my 4 year old sister thanks :D

    24. tarek004 says:

      press 7 on your keyboard again and again just as he turns to the camera!
      he look just as somebody pinched him from the ass xD xD XD xD hahaha!

    25. tarek004 says:

      did he dig in his nose at the beginning???? :O

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