How To Be A Private Investigator in 20 Minutes!

The Straight Facts about what it takes to become a Private Investigator.
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26 Responses to “How To Be A Private Investigator in 20 Minutes!”

  1. PI Fan23 says:

    Hi guys does anyone know the name of the guy in this video? Cheers

  2. gig says:

    Jerry, i am old , 67 , but you have c onvinced me of assuming a new retired side business , Easy job . Challengng , and offering so much characterfullness ,like you do practice it.

  3. rcbjunkmail says:

    Thx for the info!

  4. Jerry Skinner says:

    NothingMaster thanks for your kind words. Of course anyone can take compliments but it takes a special person to give them. It says more for you than for me. Thank you very much. Jerry

  5. NothingMaster says:

    What’s really admiring about Mr. Skinner isn’t just his apparent wealth of knowledge / hands-on experience in the field, or even his no nonsense / practical approach to teaching, but above all, his goodwill and willingness to share his expertise with the up-and-coming / wannabe PI’s. Obviously a man of integrity and honor; my hat’s off to you, sir.

  6. yagermyster1977 says:

    I have to say, regardless of the material, I enjoyed just listening to him talk LOL

  7. PranksAndSmiles says:

    Do you have to have a license to get hired to look for missing persons?

  8. Victor Thomas says:

    There is a satanist cult that plagues the small town of Antioch,California in the USA. They’re involved in the worst atrocities and crimes against children.The corruption within the Antioch police dept. is atrocious. The FBI agents who cover up these kidnappings and murders need to be brought to justice. They’re using Chloroform to wipe it out of the memory of their victims and have become so arrogant they actually take little kids to the Antioch middle school at 1:00 am to sexually abuse them.

  9. Jerry Skinner says:

    Reginald, I agree with you. If the door opens up to work for a P.I. of course walk through it. Thanks, Jerry

  10. Reginald Turner says:

    I understand you Jerry. Start off with a small law firm. Very small! They just need proof. Just get the proof and leave. But I think you should work for free with a knowledgeable PI.

  11. Vic Pichette says:

    Jerry, no one starts as a legal investigator. Workers comp, yes, legal no. Telling the truth has nothing to do with it. An Atty will rip apart any little hole in any case regardless of the truth. Your comments are too simplestic, please reconsider this type of advice. Imagine an atty. giveing a murder or assault case to an inexperienced PI? His actions may hurt the case. You can’t ask the lawyer how to obtain the evidence, you must know or you will have NO clients. Anyway, sorry for jumping in.

  12. Jerry Skinner says:

    Thank you for your comment. I am sure you are right about the experience. But everyone must start somewhere. As for court, Just tell the truth an the way it is. It is very heard to ripp the truth apart. As far as
    lawyers goes, they are looking for results  and will use anyone that get results. Thats the difference between a good investigaton and a great one. Please your client, thats it. Jerry

  13. Vic Pichette says:

    Wow, this is amazing. Jerry, this is why the profession is full of hack investigators. My friends, if you get a PI license and have no experience, Why in the world would a lawyer hire an inexperienced PI over an experienced established one? You must understand legal investigations, proper report writing, chains of evidence, locating and interviewing techniques, witness statement gathering. You will be ripped apart in a courtroom by an opposing attorney if you have little or no experience.

  14. 1M8U7F8C says:

    Thanks for all the tips me and my friend want to open an agency ourselves and want all the help we can get or how to go about doing this.

  15. Jerry Skinner says:

    Alex, thank you for the info, maybe it will help others. Jerry

  16. Alex Stoddard says:

    I live in Idaho and I don’t need a license to be a PI, as a matter of fact including Idaho, Alaska, North Dakota, Alabama, and Wyoming you don’t need a license. However if you live in Fairbanks, Alaska or Birmingham, Alabama you need a license. Just figure I would share that to people who would like to move to these states.

  17. chrisbrownkck88 says:

    I live in Kansas and you have to do a application $15.00 for that then its $250.00 for the license. Then you have to take an open book test, pass a background check, get qualified with a firearm instructor, and have at least $100,000 worth of liability

  18. Jerry Skinner says:

    Well that might work, but what do you thank about asking what are the requirement for obtaining a private investigative license. o.k.

  19. yanil velazquez says:

    Jerry, i have a question, what should the letter say? dear sec. of state, hi i want to be a private investigator please and thank you…haha please help. thank you for your time.

  20. Jerry Skinner says:

    Thank you Daniel. Jerry

  21. Daniel Rozanski says:

    No problem, I wasn’t complaining of course. Your information has helped a lot so far.

  22. WhiskersReviews says:

    Thanks Jerry. Love the boat story about the SCUBA gear!

  23. Jerry Skinner says:

    The time stamp is wrong of course, i was to lazy to change it, sorry Jerry

  24. Daniel Rozanski says:

    This is great information, I can’t wait to put it to work! Also, why is the time documented on your video “Dec. 30, 2012″ and the date you published the video “October. 28, 2012″? wouldn’t this mean you published the video before you recorded it? Thanks for the information!

  25. TEE FAYC says:

    This video makes me want to move from Australia to USA. I want to live among people like this. Just awesome straight-up people that say it how it is.

  26. Jon Serve says:

    Jerry Skinner good information. 

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