How Polygraph Tests Work Pass Your Poygraph is all about one thing: How To Prepare for the Polygraph, and the book’s strong point is the simple mistakes that candidates make during the polygraph test. You will learn why many candidates fail the test, even when they are telling the truth.
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4 Responses to “How Polygraph Tests Work”

  1. 1948DESMOND says:

    instead of using a WEE JEE BOARD, can we not use a lie detector?
    after all, both are  “connected”, as it were, to our subconsious mind, surely?
    i am serious! where can one purchase a lie detector? do write backto me, please.
    Des, Feb-13-2013.

  2. hongpingmike says:

    if you truly believe it and stay really calm, then you can fool the test.

  3. jimbo081 says:

    Even though i haven’t done stuff in the past year. I feel if asked the question, have you done this in the past year? My heart rate would go up. So would i fail?

  4. yoshiboshialt says:

    Good video!!!!!! holy cow i did not wake up thinking i would see such an amazing thing in my life

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