HI-POINT C9 PISTOL: Affordable Self Defense Firearm

For entertainment purposes only. This video is proof that the Hi-Point performs very well for the 100-180 dollars that is spent on it (depends on your area). I had zero malfunctions during this range visit. I fired a total of 100 rounds, and there have been a total of 750 rounds fired through it since I purchased it. This weapon will hold it’s own against the higher priced brands out there, and this video proves it. In case you are wondering, my background in the world of firearms is as follows: 25 years total shooting experience (started when I was 6 years old). I have two years total accumulated experience as a military firearms instructor focusing on close quarters tactics, and basic/advanced weapons handling. I have a total of 11 years of service in the US military, and have one combat tour in Iraq under my belt. I am familiar with the use of rifles of all types, shotguns of all types, semi-automatic handguns, and revolvers. I am not an expert (I don’t believe anyone truly is an expert), but I am far from an amateur. If you think that the Hi-Point is utter crap, and only idiots, and amateurs to the world of firearms own them, PROVE IT!!! I am tired of all the idiots making it their mission to bad mouth every person that chooses to purchase a Hi-Point. It’s not the price of the gun that makes it deadly. It’s the person holding the gun.

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    26 Responses to “HI-POINT C9 PISTOL: Affordable Self Defense Firearm”

    1. Good info and nice site. I’ll be reading through all your posts when I can absorb this, trying to play catch up before wrol.

    2. joetylerdale says:

      @amyhuk Not to be smart, but the satisfaction of having a $150 gun that preforms so well might make one attracted to actually having fun with it on the range!

    3. kneedeepinzombieshit says:

      I would get one.

    4. thisisacrummyname says:

      Oh and before the trolls comment I know it’s Hi Point, not “high point”

    5. thisisacrummyname says:

      P.S. Aside from owning the high point 9mm I also own a Sig, Glock, Ruger, S&W, Colt, Beretta, & Tarus all in 9mm. I have various Handguns of different brands & calibers. I think the high point is a great purchase & a fun plinker. It is the perfect handgun to buy if you want a handgun to go shooting with & you don’t have to invest allot money to have a reliable firearm. Plus high point has a %100 percent unconditional no questions asked transferable lifetime warranty on all of there firearms..&

    6. thisisacrummyname says:

      I own several handguns and, I randomly heard about High Point. All of the people I came across had their opinions of the hand gun & yet none of them had ever owned one or even fired one. One day I saw one at the gun shop I go to for $140. so I bought it. After much ridicule by guys at the shop, I replied it’s worth $140 for me to make my own informed opinion of the gun. I like the firearm I have had no issues with it & I have shot a couple thousand rounds with it. 100% satisfied.

    7. AnonimouxMike says:

      Extremely Affordable and Reliable** I have witness the power and accuracy my self and have to say they perform flawless!! •£€¥• Video in my Channel—– Anonimouxmike

    8. amyhuk says:

      @69booyaa why would anyone need to ever put 2000 rounds through a home defense gun?

    9. jikky1984 says:

      Thanks for the demonstration. I will be buying one soon. Gun looks like it can hold its own.

    10. dukenukemthreed says:

      Miller is married, has honorably served his country, he knows what he is doing and is certainly not a “fag”

      Don’t disrespect people who try to educate and help others because god knows we more of them.

    11. Proedge352 says:

      @max4hunter1 you should get your boyfriend to help pull your head outta your ass pretty quik like.

    12. desirefirst says:

      thanks for the vid; some people like to stand on emotion rather than science. Just because a group of people pick one gun over another fails to be a scientific study of how well a gun performs as compared to others. I think of my hipoint c9 as the “mig” of 9mms. when the shtf and other guns fail for broken cam links or the like, my “built like a tank” blowback c9 will still be ticking. Built as simple as a semi-auto can be, there’s less to break on it. If science proves i’m wrong, i’ll admit

    13. desirefirst says:

      @max4hunter1 it’s ok that you’re a homosexual; but i like girls so forget about me

    14. 762plinker says:

      @max4hunter1 Some shit guns will jam if fired at odd angles. If you knew about guns you would know this ya noob.

    15. luvmyPT92ss says:

      nice shooting


      @max4hunter1 Its funny how stupid people are on YouTube. Calling a person a “fag” because you yourself are lacking in knowledge about the topic, and valid reasoning as to why he would fire the weapon from different angles.

    17. 69booyaa says:

      u are a good shot bro. However i have had a hi point and it ran well for about 2000 rounds.After that it went down hill. it was well maintained also. To me they are like a lorcin in that they will eventually fail. if u use this gun for protection u might wanna reconsider. There is a reason why they are 150 to 200 dollars. Im not tryin to be mean like some of these guys, just my 2 cents. personally i keep my glock 19 by my bed side and there is no doubt about its capability

    18. jaybyrddoggie says:

      @cobyson100 Sounds like a snob who’s mad that he spent to much money on handguns.

    19. CristiClujeanul says:

      bm buddy!. let me see it while u shooting that target.

    20. TvRoyale21 says:

      you look like johnny bravo! huh hoo huah hah!

    21. wesley1006 says:

      That totally amazes me. You drew no comaprisions to any other firearms. You were just showing that a hi point works and you have someone that can only repeat what he has heard others say with no first hand knowledge of his own. I have one of their 9mm carbines and it is a total blast to shoot. C9 is on my list to own. nice vid.

    22. millerusaf says:

      @max4hunter1 To show that that the pistol can work in different angles. People also say a Hi-Point will jam easily. The video was to show otherwise.

    23. max4hunter1 says:

      Wow good to know i can still shoot when my gun is upside down and and sideways lol what a fag what was the point?

    24. MR7upify says:

      look like the slide will eat your finger alive

    25. millerusaf says:

      @cobyson100 …you done whining yet? You are so butthurt over the fact that I have shot Hi-Points….I find that pathetic and funny at the same time.

      When I get back to the states, I’m going to pick up another Hi-Point, then I’ll take it to the range, and shoot some 100 yard targets with it. I will then send you the link to the videos so you can rage about it….lolololol.

    26. cobyson100 says:

      @millerusaf I understand, you’re still a kid that just doesn’t know any better. You’re just an AF pussy defending a Hi-Point and the fact that you don’t know how ridiculous that isstands on it’s own. Gun industry doesn’t keep track of failures, however, go to any gun expert or combat soldier and stick a CZ, GLOCK, SIG and H&K ont he table and put a Hi-Point on there too and see which one NEVER gets chosen…that’s real world my friend. YOU FAIL. If you don’t have the TAB hit the slab wimp.

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