Hapkido Sparring and Self-defense Demo

This hapkido sparring/self-defense demo was filmed in Taegu, South Korea in the early 90s. More hapkido DVDs at www.TurtlePress.com and more hapkido videos at http

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    25 Responses to “Hapkido Sparring and Self-defense Demo”

    1. PKEnergyBender says:

      God damn ninja’s!!! I wish I had their skills!

    2. Chiaraxxify says:

      wow, they are good!!

    3. Arealmartialartist1 says:

      @jobowtackmasterx your lame.

    4. jobowtackmasterx says:


    5. caiost11 says:

      don`t say it is almost impossible to use. you don`t know it, you probably don`t practice anything else, so don`t say crap.. this is a demo, but in hapkido you learn much more than throwing kicks around..

    6. GORAMIR15 says:

      @MrAlessandro005 perhaps no so elaborated but is really possible to be used in a real battle (;

    7. MrAlessandro005 says:


    8. electronikita says:

      @GPHsmurf No shit huh?

    9. ekanathdas says:

      its great!, good technics

    10. tmakidd0703 says:

      @GPHsmurf duh it is

    11. billysue2 says:

      of course it is,hapkido lads dont fight.

    12. billysue2 says:

      that technique is useless and only for demo.its like stepover toehold in prowrestling,very unlikely to be able to apply it on a resisting opponent.

    13. nyc666 says:

      The leg lock at 19 seconds is part of the KHF techniques and I believe the WHA as well. Actually a basic technique.

    14. hapkiyoosool says:

      Of course. It’s a demo. Who wants to get hurt from a real and unexpected technique in a demo. Demo are only to shoe what a martial can do. You don’t have to kill each other to show what the art can do. What good does it do you to get hurt training. Then you spend time healing rather than training. Martial arts is so you ODN’T get hurt. right?

    15. vargyna says:


      I am surprised, I have encountered this technique in at least THREE different schools of HapKiDo.

    16. wafflecopter08 says:

      they have to be slow in the demonstration so the opponent can properly do a counter attack. im sure they are much faster

    17. shatokhin76 says:


    18. ttaggart12345 says:

      god that leg lock at like 19 was one of the best techniques i have ever seen. Ive ben in hapkido for eleven years and have never seen anything like that before

    19. taeim43 says:


    20. LockonLazers says:


    21. soudek says:

      they are too slow really slow

    22. GPHsmurf says:

      this looks coreographed

    23. killathi says:

      nah, me and my bro are working on that actually. Its a bit easier for him to pull off cuz I’ve got like 50 pounds on him

    24. shoulung says:

      wow. this is pretty good

    25. yakboy01 says:

      hence only in “hollywood” term right?

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