Hand of the Law

Cop comedy in which a suspect is interrogated using slightly unorthodox methods.

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    8 Responses to “Hand of the Law”

    1. joesummerton says:

      thanks dude!

    2. themargolis says:

      This was amazing. I laughed out loud, excellent job!

    3. joesummerton says:

      @sherbetheadmusic why thanks stevey boi

    4. joesummerton says:

      @jonnydarkmusic glad you like it!

    5. joesummerton says:

      @JulianCheese thanks alot man!

    6. jonnydarkmusic says:

      This, I love this so much.

    7. JulianCheese says:

      Hilarious stuff! I tried my best but I laughed out loud the whole time…

    8. sherbetheadmusic says:

      Honest to god, best thing you’ve ever made.

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