Gymnastics: Learn how to do a back handspring tutorial -backhandsprings guide

Strength Project and Kidharu channel founder team up to bring the basic back handspring tutorial. As always, make sure you are in a safe environment when you practice, and have a spotter. We are not responsible if you hurt yourself! We’re just showing you how we learned

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25 Responses to “Gymnastics: Learn how to do a back handspring tutorial -backhandsprings guide”

  1. LightReincarnation says:

    DAMM! This is very very good and helpfull. Im serious.

  2. navylaks2 says:

    I’m just afraid that i’m gonna land on my head and break my neck

  3. theninjabboyer says:

    that guy is freakishly skinny…

  4. peeps2021 says:

    im too scared

  5. amsunaakage says:

    The best youtube handspring tutorial ever !

  6. xXxXIzzyxXxXx says:

    Dude you need proactive, or some aveno!

  7. KidHaru says:

    @LouisePink7 Are you accidentally throwing your arms wide and wild rather than parallel?

  8. StreamingKnowledge says:

    Thumbs up for beginning awesomeness!

  9. LouisePink7 says:

    I NEED HELP!!! i can do a backhandspring but it goes super crooked ESPECIALLY on my toe touch backhandpsring. its scary actually…please help me.

  10. mateuszlee says:

    watch that dude doing a backflip background :) when he saw camera he ran away :D

  11. Coach2win says:

    @KidHaru I’ll believe it when I see it homeboy. You have no idea how many people tell me that but flake on me.

  12. KidHaru says:

    @Coach2win Yea my round off tut was horrible haha. But yea, regarding the arm swing, I find it typically helps newbs take their handsprings back rather than up at first. Eventually its discarded but I’d rather it be learned and then discarded than needed and not taught. Btw Disa and I are gonna start coming to train again next year :D

  13. CwalkinARKTIK says:

    9 people jelous much :)

  14. Coach2win says:

    I’d prefer that people bring their arms all the way down to their sides for a better swing. It’s just preference because most noobs do not know how to swing their arms hard enough.

    Another thing is I wouldn’t have noobs do arm circles because it’s wasted motions. In the long run, they will smack their stop if they arm swing like mad for round off handsrings.

    Anyhoo, much better than your round off video. Have homeboy demoing keep his feet together.

  15. KidHaru says:

    @TheBoomBoxz Really glad to hear it :D Good Luck

  16. TheBoomBoxz says:

    Most tutorials just show us the stages of doing a back handspring, like squat position, extending arms, curving back and landing.
    Yet, I like how this tutorial shows us how to work on those certain stages so that we have much more confidence when learning.
    For me, this is one of those moves that I just can’t quite hack. So, I am going to give these moves a try and hope for the best!
    Thumbs up ! :)

  17. TheBoomBoxz says:

    squats are a good way of building strength in the legs.
    yeah, you do need a good technique but it’s useless unless you have power in the legs. Just add about 20-60 squats in your exercises and you should be fine. :)

  18. isreal95 says:

    @24Sk8tr you know that doesnt work right?

  19. KidHaru says:

    @CWrEcKBoY92 Do it any time your going to work out. I’d say atleast 3 times a week would be great when first starting out. As far as how long it takes, its all up to the person. This moves more about form than power so its not hard to do it once you try, but getting its form completely correct takes time.

  20. KidHaru says:

    @StreamingKnowledge yea I can sympathize. I decided to start lifting recently and forgot to do these stretches. It was so freakin hard to try and get it back to where it was

  21. chiddddyyyyify says:

    the guy tht starts the videoo is fuqing sexxii

  22. 24heart92flable says:

    lol white shirt guy looks like his shadow or something lol

  23. StreamingKnowledge says:

    That back stretch is hard!

  24. pexislexis says:

    Ugggggg stupid ads

  25. kiagguduh says:

    Subtitles for non-native English speakers please. Great tutorial!

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