Good will hunting job interview

clip from good will hunting movie

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25 Responses to “Good will hunting job interview”

  1. starguy2718 says:

    Ben Affleck’s job interview scene in this film compares well to his job interview scene in “Boiler Room”.

  2. jezmuff says:

    @MGX IQ doesn’t reflect shit. There are at least 11 different forms of ‘intelligence’ and this is known. Intelligence Quotas reflect peoples’ faculties in abstract, generally spatial reasoning and sometimes a little more. Some of the stupidest people I know score over 150 and the three smartest people I know, all of whom received UAI’s (like SAT’s I think, here in Australia) of 100, didn’t make 100. Concededly the UAI is inconclusive as well. But IQ means nothing.

  3. happylee02 says:

    @MGX memorising isnt the key, it’s about understanding.

  4. hookahbros says:


  5. MGX says:

    @salasporsiempre just because you can memorize a bunch of shit on a test does not indicate that someone is intelligent.

  6. ovieuk21 says:

    ys suspect….i dont know what your reputation in town – ben affleck is amazing in these white socks!!! great scene

  7. salasporsiempre says:

    that’s what people with bad results sticks to…

  8. yahoopl3 says:

    and fail one

  9. MGX says:

    IQ reflects how well you can write a test.

  10. reebanoomba says:

    what song is that in the background?

  11. 0ucantstopme0 says:

    Guys below…lighten up???? Retainer.

  12. srvaughan121 says:

    the skunk eye by the guy on the right cracks me up every time.

  13. mthai66 says:

    Googled what?

  14. bringitdown1234 says:

    yay! At least i had the right state woot!..Im glad you Googled that for me =)

  15. comments247 says:

    @yahoopl3 Well, I really dont know what you meant by your answer. -.-’

  16. yahoopl3 says:

    I think that I”m just as fast as the world record holder in the 100 meter dash. If you give me 20 seconds to run the 100 meter dash I can do it too. Therefore, I’m an olympic sprinter and should be in the olympics, getting all the endorsement money from sponsors. Yeah, that’s the ticket ! IQ = Intelligence Test. If you have a problem with what intelligence truly is, stick to tests that measure your emotional sensitivity and social aptitude. That will make you feel better.

  17. comments247 says:

    @yahoopl3 Intelligence is an abstract idea and cannot be measured as a whole by tests. If you look at the movie, it is telling you that no matter how smart the guy is, he cannot overcome his problems on his own. In other words, you can be very intelligent in one area and be ignorant in another. IQ tests do not tell you how smart or dumb a person is. Another example, In the very beginnings IQ test were design to see any psychological problem in prisoners.

  18. Errianno says:

    @yahoopl3, perspective is based ‘pon the IQ test too. You can go to an alternate reality or another world in this reality and you would fail their IQ test and vice versa or have complete different results to the test you had at home. But hey, go fuck yourself faggot. Whatever makes you sleep and feel better at night, yo. If I were 2 tell you, you are one of the dumbest people in the world because you are following a social class of people to maintain the prison in yo mind, would u believe me?

  19. yahoopl3 says:

    Not preparing is the whole point…lmaololol…do you realize that if you could study specific questions for an IQ test like you were taking a SAT and were also given over 1 hour to answer each question, that everyone would be classified as a genius? Not being given much time and not being able to prepare is the whole point. That’s what intelligence IS. You little people crack me up, lol

  20. comments247 says:

    @yahoopl3 I disagree. The only reason why so many people get low scores is because you cannot prepare for the IQ test. The test is random questions with similar answers. So it is hard to choose the right answer. However, if you took the iq test over and over again, you can get use to it and even you can score very high. That is why IQ test cannot measure someones’ intelligence.

  21. yahoopl3 says:

    nah, what you’ve done has a lot to do with perseverance and all that other shit…iq is all about intelligence, of which you obviously have very little….”quotants”…lmaololololol….get back on the short bus son

  22. Errianno says:

    @yahoopl3, I wonder what Gods IQ is. Get the fuck out of here, it’s not what “cookies” you got or what you “say”, it’s what you’ve done.

    Low quotants, motherfucker are you serious? Your meaning and pursuit of life is equated to low quotants? Ayye, motherfucker… get the fuck outta here and do something with ya life, ya faggot!

  23. Errianno says:


  24. yahoopl3 says:

    iq is very reflective of true intelligence…the people who bitch about them not showing intelligence are the people with low quotients.

  25. MeekMusik says:

    til that day……

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