Good Will Hunting – Funny Job Interview (Ben Affleck)

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8 Responses to “Good Will Hunting – Funny Job Interview (Ben Affleck)”

  1. dedricthere says:

    I dig the skater socks.

  2. TheGreatMozeek says:

    “Let me tell you sometin’ …YA SUSPECT!”

  3. smackedinthejaw says:


  4. FieIdmonkeys says:

    Keep your ear to the Grindstone:)

  5. logandeezy says:

    I love that he is sitting so far away from them. How awkward is that?

  6. siobrit says:

    yeah I agree they definately should have had made this scene last a bit longer- its just such a random funny scene, and hes just so cock full of himself the way he swinging round on his chair demanding money -the backround music is funny aswell, esecially at the ‘retaaainer’ part!

  7. WillBraden says:

    I know! the idea that he’s gonna put on a suit and a vest, and yet still drops the 1970 basketball socks is hilarious. I honestly think they should have waited a few more beats in the scene until the reveal that it’s Affleck and not Damon. would have gotten a much bigger laugh.

  8. siobrit says:

    this scene is fucking hilarous- love how ben affleck is wearing those dube shows, ‘Your suspect, after the shit you tried to pull today you can bet ill be looking into you’ that line gets me everytime- !!

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