Georgian Police [HQ]

Law enforcement in Georgia is conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. In the last few years, the Patrol Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has undergone a radical transformation. In 2005 President Mikhail Saakashvili fired “the entire traffic police force” of the Georgian National Police due to corruption, numbering around 30000 police officers. A new force was built around new recruits. The United States State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law-Enforcement Affairs has provided assistance to the training efforts. Patruli was first introduced in the summer of 2005 replacing the traffic police, which were accused of corruption. The police introduced an 022 emergency dispatch service in 2004.

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    19 Responses to “Georgian Police [HQ]”

    1. generalpatton3 says:

      Hmm, be it at you say. I suppose I will simply enjoy the music on this video. I have always found this type of Georgian music very entrancing. Something about it makes it very pleasing to hear. Something that I have never heard elsewhere.

    2. beqarezo says:

      @generalpatton3 very well said but I can assure you that no police takes bribe in Georgia unless they have got cover from MP’s or most importantly ministry of internal affairs which is less possible and i could say, almost impossible.

    3. generalpatton3 says:

      Meh, not so much comparing, as displaying skepticism. Corruption was the culture of USSR. It takes time to root it out. Even in the US, where I now live, the police will take bribes, especially in certain cities. As a current resident of New Orleans, I can tell you that the city still lives up to its long-standing reputation of lawlessness.

    4. beqarezo says:

      @generalpatton3 Georgian police don’t take bribe ;) It’s a shame to compare Russian police to Georgian police :D

    5. mixeiljanjgava says:

      merabishvilis damsaxurebaaa :D

    6. KiiKiiDoll says:

      love love love <3

    7. generalpatton3 says:

      Where is the footage of the bribe-taking? xP

      C’mon, all of us former CCCP nations do that a good deal. The easiest way to bring down Russia – fund the creation of more militsia. They will skin us people-sheep, not shear. I am a Russian, and I will admit this much.

    8. KingdomOfGeorgia says:

      @hbar895348 let me guess… maybe because it’s a video about Georgian Police?

    9. hbar895348 says:

      out of curiosity, why was there a boat with the name “Sokhumi” and then showing soldiers and guys with rifles?

    10. witecracker2 says:

      directed here??? does the state department fund the Georgian police??

    11. 10georgian says:

      @gvancuca12 raari sashineleba?

    12. gvancuca12 says:

      ragaca sashinelebaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    13. Vanhelsing156 says:

      brilliant! magari video dagidevs (y)

    14. EmperorofTerra says:

      Noone else has such a good police force, as much as I dislike Merabishvili, these are the best security forces on earth.

    15. ElectroBoy1994 says:

      и это всё за 4 года.это чудо!!!

    16. Iverielii says:

      Great video.

      I keep hearing this song everywhere and I think it’s just terrible.

      Whoever composed it should not be allowed to make Georgian theme songs.

      Georgian traditional music is like no other, but this sounds like a horrid, chopped techno russian song with Georgian hymn music.

    17. NORTON846 says:

      its really nice video

    18. Tome4kkkk says:

      Now you’ll get even foreigners to join your Police ;)

    19. EkaEkaterina says:


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