George W. Bush Wiretapped Reporters

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    25 Responses to “George W. Bush Wiretapped Reporters”

    1. MrVeggie247 says:

      Bush is getting off scott free, he must be laughing so hard at u dumbass americans sittin in his mansion sippin Don Perion from chinese flute glass… damn some ppl are fucking powerfull and we are so fucking weak…

    2. Agnotio says:

      @aggiefitz They were using a TV interview as the source, duh. They’re a talk show, what do you want?

    3. michp38 says:


    4. michp38 says:

      @Windshearing no, clinton did not lie he said it was not sex.

    5. EishinRyu says:

      why is the audio cut out from 1:02 to 1:04? youtube censorship at its best?

    6. bobisnohere1 says:

      From Canada: You need to be put on trial for stupidity!

    7. SoundofGod says:

      Good job mr. mongrel!

    8. PlasmaPrestige says:

      Obama needs to make an example out of Bush. Prosecute him for torture, and treason.

    9. KangaKucha says:

      @karlkarlkarl1234 normallly i wouldn’t be for the death peanatly, but in the case of this facists and mass murderer, i’ll make an exception.

    10. karlkarlkarl1234 says:


      Yep or the old-school hang-draw-quarter would suffice pretty well. There should be a national vote on the method of execution.

    11. KangaKucha says:

      maybe, no excuse but maybe, that’s why reporters didn’t go after bush so hard.

    12. KangaKucha says:

      @karlkarlkarl1234 by beheading! :)

    13. KangaKucha says:

      heck, if we can’t follow a 200 year old ducoment, i say we make and vote on a new consitution, that has the 4th in it, but changes a few things to make things clear, maybe eliminates the irrelavent stuff, keeps the stuff that matters, and adds some new things like a secession admendment, then maybe it will be important enough to enfroce.

    14. tennaj says:

      If TYT hosted by Cenk ends up on MSNBC I know about 30 of my personal friends and family who would watch it every day religiously.! Good luck Cenk you can be MSNBC’s Glenn Beck but with a brain and logical arguments. Peace

    15. HAZIDEAD says:

      Hello? He say’s they had “access” to all communications. Big news, of course they had access, who doesn’t know that? Besides, if you have done nothing wrong what are you so worried about. And what are the chances of the government listening in to you of of billions of conversations every day?

    16. Seedofwinter says:

      They are monitoring the reporters to see if they get information about UFO’s.

    17. asheekarfeen says:


    18. NewsChat says:

      What should happen to a sick and twisted person who molests a 3 year old child? The answers on my channel to this will shock you!

      The video is called “Molester molests 3 year old infant”

      Every day I get some of the most interesting comments. What do you think should happen to the guy who did this to this three year old infant?

      WARNING: some of the comments are extremely graphic in nature and may not be suitable for everyone. This is certainly a VERY heated and passionate topic.

    19. glamourknight says:

      *I mean Olbermann ;-) 2n’s

      Anyway.. Are you high???

    20. glamourknight says:

      To aggiefitz: ????? The “source” was the man sitting right at Olbermans desk! Who was ACTUALLY THERE.
      Were u being sarcastic? or did u even watch this vid?

    21. aggiefitz says:

      I love how TYT use sources to back up what they say…

      Oh wait….

    22. satyrartist says:

      Some here will Poo-Poo this story AS IF IT WERENT TRUE> and of course it is. The rabid Ideologues who stole the executive branch In 2000, permanently damaged the Balance of powers in the USA. Im sure they thought it was all good. (It sure worked out good for them) They have become so skilled at building a base of the frightened Ignorant, that they have permanently changed what used to be the GOP. The original GOP of Eisenhower, & Goldwater is gone. Long live the RepubliCrank Party.

    23. Caboose3012 says:

      when wanting to travel to the Us from europe one has to agree with a nsa pop up basically allowing them acces to your computer and anyone affiliated to that computer ….

      land a the free huh… geuss ill be gooing to canada for me holidays

    24. gvsfgdf says:


    25. keggerous says:

      i agree with the execution but not the trial

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