George Maschke on How to Beat a Polygraph Test’s George Maschke speaks with Nick Frost about how to fool a polygraph (lie detector) test in episode 5 of the tongue-in-cheek 2003 television series Danger: Incoming Attack. Note that the anal sphincter contraction, discussed as a polygraph countermeasure, while effective, is no longer recommended by, and alternative techniques such as mental countermeasures or tongue-biting are to be preferred. Note also that in his summary, host Nick Frost incorrectly characterizes the anal sphincter contraction as squeezing one’s buttocks (which was and remains to be avoided). Note also that polygrapher Bruce Burgess purports to know that “someone is messing around” based on the fact that Nick’s chart showed reactions to both relevant and control questions. This is utter nonsense, however. Indeed, the polygraph “control question test” was developed in response to the realization that even innocent people might well react to accusatory relevant questions. The way one passes the “test” is to show stronger reactions to the control questions than to the relevant questions, and it is to be expected that a truthful person might show reactions to both kinds of questions. For a much fuller explanation of how to pass or beat a polygraph test, see’s free book, The Lie Behind the Lie Detector, which may be downloaded at:
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25 Responses to “George Maschke on How to Beat a Polygraph Test”

  1. MW2ITSFUNNY says:


  2. Jordan McGuire says:

    This would be awesome for the Jeremy Kyle show haha

  3. MrM0MO says:

    Born and Raised english, i dont know what the fuck it is lol

  4. BuCciNAT0R says:

    he didnt fail the lie detector test, he failed after the lie detector, what the examiner did after the test was make it seem as though he knew that he was lying by telling him bullshit, this is just a tactic examiners will use to try and get a confession, if he didnt confess the examiner wouldnt have known he was lying and nothing can be done using those results to prove anything

  5. LittleSisterWD15 says:

    Your anus, basically.

    Clench those cheeks!

  6. lol1234556702955 says:

    You don’t know what a sphincter is ? When you will be visiting the US ask the TSA agent to search your sphincter. They will gladly help you.

  7. 128venom says:


  8. Phil Tilly says:

    i squeezed my ass together and it kind of left me hurt.

  9. StreetArtillery says:

    i´m doing it now

  10. warboss4 says:

    ha its the guy that does all the movies with simon pegg

  11. Natalie Bishop says:

    It could be ne immune to the question. Nothing to it. Dont register just no when the question is asked so you can reply

  12. Natalie Bishop says:

    Or could you grudge life and give yourself reason why you should not be detected. I dont no!

  13. Natalie Bishop says:

    The lie must be detected at the right side of the brain and the lie and cheat is at the left. I think I felt it

  14. Natalie Bishop says:

    So you picuture the cookie that you didnt eat and saw another person eating. While freezing your heartbeat and thining of no emotion

  15. Micheal White says:

    thats EXACTLY what i was thinking

  16. Hairysteed says:

    I am the emperor of Canada and I have the Titanic in my pocket… I got it from my last visit to Mars! :)

  17. bamazudi says:

    I am sure we have all lied to a loved one in the past.
    Mom: “Did you hit your brother?”
    Me: “No he fell.”
    Mom: I will be back with a band aid and we are not through yet. *Leaves*
    Me: *Turns to brother, trollface.jpg.*

  18. ROFLman007 says:


  19. DoctorSess says:

    depends on what country and what state and the judge him/herself… they’ve been used in trials before.

  20. lazyfreedom98 says:

    Is it true that

    you tube

    has limited comments to under 200 characters


    will erase comments after the 40th channel Comment ?

  21. 01amare says:


  22. psp785 says:

    george castanza beat them just beleave the lie

  23. floeticdeath says:

    lol polygraphs arent admissible in court lol.

  24. Villa Dot says:

    im not sure, but id like to put it to the test to find out, i would imagine it might work

  25. DUBmaster77 says:

    that works?

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