Gary Payne Edged Weapons

Gary demonstrates defence and attack using edged weapoms. Visit for more info

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10 Responses to “Gary Payne Edged Weapons”

  1. bobzuk says:

    This guy teaches the SAS and other military departments, I really don’t think this stuff is useless, I’m hopefully going to a seminar with him tomorrow!

  2. BlowjobLessons says:

    Every trainer, even the absolute worst, gives a rationale as they teach, for all their movements. Go to the crummiest trad school you can find, and they’ll give you an “explanation” about why they do the friggin’ HORSE STANCE, that would sound reasonable to a person with no combat knowledge. Everything comes with an “reason” of some kind. That doesn’t mean that’s how it is in reality. Experience will teach you the difference between BS explanations and sound reasoning.

  3. fubao says:

    LMAO…How many people has he really killed or hurt. Because I can tell you from his movement this is all theoretic. He is not taking into account body inclination or natural responses, and his footwork is based off an adversary whose using linear footwork. If you have ever been in a fight then you will know combat is 360 degrees.

  4. BlowjobLessons says:

    Put it this way. Try it against someone really trying to stab you (e.g. with a marker), and see what happens.

  5. BlowjobLessons says:

    Those techniques only work if a guy feeds a single attack and kind of freezes there (“primero”, to use escrima terminology). If he’s attacking like that, ANYTHING will work, but in reality, that sort of attack never happens.

    Search for ALIVENESS THORNTON on youtube and you’ll quickly see why this stuff won’t work in real life.

    Knife defense systems like RedZone, STAB, or PWA are the ones that actually work.

  6. dillan534 says:

    trust me it isnt useless, i just had a seminar with him today and hes great, when he actually teaches u the reasons to perform these move it makes sense.

  7. whoflungdat says:

    you hit the guy, he falls backwards and cuts you great !!!!

  8. BlowjobLessons says:

    I hope you’re not teaching useless knife disarms like that to the public. That’s dangerous and irresponsible. You know in your heart you couldn’t carry out those disarms if the guy was stabbing you full-speed… or retracting his knife… or you didn’t know what his attacking line would be in advance.

  9. Sentoguy says:

    Hmmm…sorry, but you’re never going to disarm an even decently skilled (or athletic) knife wielding attacker, if you’re unarmed. Trying to catch their wrist is a recipe for disaster. You should check out Rich Ryan’s Dynamic combat for some more realistic knife fighting tactics.

  10. andypc153 says:

    gary will be touring the uk from june 2007 conducting seminars, for more info visit the rsda website

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