Gary Boaz Kyusho knock outs

Aikido in action using Kyusho techniques for KO’s.

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25 Responses to “Gary Boaz Kyusho knock outs”

  1. monkfg says:

    He wristlocks while he is mounted or while he’s in the mount?
    I’d love to see a vid of this a wristlock would be a good technical addition.

  2. papersamurai says:

    Ehr, I dont know tha name, but its a wristlock while he’s under in the mount, Its really a good technique, maybe we should make a vid about it.
    Aikido in bjj.

  3. monkfg says:

    Cool, what kind of submissions does he use?

  4. Derukugi2 says:


    They are not unconscious before they bang their heads.
    Stupid, yes, but not unconscious.

  5. prestfeldt says:

    There is always another person to help with revivals off camera if it is needed. Kyusho International is a very responsible organization.

  6. prestfeldt says:

    its hard to take good ukemi when you are unconcious…

  7. Derukugi2 says:

    Thats hilarious. All of these people knock themselves out by banging their heads when falling backwards.
    What is this supposed to tell us? That this style does not teach students how to take a safe ukemi??

  8. Superapplefrog says:

    Kyusho International? Glad to see it’s such a responsible organisation… allowing an instructor to knock two people out when no other instructor is present to help with reviving them… and then rather than discipline the guy, you publish a video of it… clearly a very responsible organisation

  9. papersamurai says:

    Actualy, a style like tomiki is so much more realistic, Ive beaten a few Aikido Blackbelts with ease in Sparring, while we have one aikido fighter who trains his Aikido with resisting opponents(in BJJ class).
    He can submit me with his aikido,eventough he’s from the same school as the others,they could not.
    Training only with set paterns etc does not work.

  10. jeffnicholas16 says:

    you got no idea bud gary boaz is the best hahaha just playing hes real fukkin good

  11. lamarzocco87 says:

    vrhunskimajstor.. you got no idea bud. Gary Boaz is one of the best. Sure this is not sure a good clp. Google his name see what comes up and you will be pleasantly suprised. Id stil like to see how long half of you people that comment that this stuff is shit would last when put against him.

  12. vrhunskimajstor says:

    what a fuck? this is so pore!!!

  13. loudenvier says:

    What I like is how they tap the ground perfectly consciously when they should be KOed already! Very good ukemi skills that you can use even unconscious!

  14. jrame says:

    Regardless of wat u think about aikido having competition, urs is still shit. Stop putting up terrible vids of u doing below average anything

  15. kj01a says:

    Ok so I just watched some videos of Tomiki Aikido but I still don’t understand. Is it the one style that actually has aikido competitions and holds randori matches? If so I’m sorry but there is nothing more to argue about.

  16. jrame says:

    How am I bsing anybody?! just bcuz i say wat ur doing is bullshit? Try using that shit in a real randori match. The art of Aikido is under enough scrutiny without people like you making bold ass claims such as those in this video. And even if you could knock someone out like that, ur aikido is still poop.

  17. jrame says:

    Try that bullshit in a real randori match. And how am i bsing anything or anyone. Bcuz i say that wat ur doing is bs?! I mean it is. Even if i did believe u could knock someone out like that ur aikido still looks like poop. The art of Aikido is under enough scrutiny without people like you making bold ass claims such as those in this video.

  18. kj01a says:

    Ok then you should know that Aikido and Kyusho takes years and years of hard work. That is why more people don’t do it. It’s not because people can’t do it. If you don’t know that then you are just bsing everybody.

  19. jrame says:

    LOL. Well I’ve done a lil. I’ve actually trained in Tomiki Aikido for about 8 years now. I hold a shodan and I’ve had quite a bit of experience in the art. I actually hold a few titles like….international toshu champion in Vandalia, OH. 2008 tanto, toshu, and team tanto champion, as well as overall champion. I’ve trained with the best in the country and met and observed the best in the world. I’m not bsing u when i say things.

  20. kj01a says:

    You’ve never done even one minute of martial arts training in your life have you.

  21. jrame says:

    I’m really sorry if u don’t like this, but wtf. first off ur movement is not that good bud. And why ru putting this goofy shit on here and labeling it aikido!? If people could actucally do this don’t u think more people would be? and don’t give me some bs answer about how its so dangerous and secretive that few know how to do it. If u wanna show aikido, fine, but improve it. and also, quit with this lame ass i can knock people out shit

  22. theawakener7 says:

    Wow! Can someone please let me know if there are any clips of this great master doing live contact sparring showing this amazing stuff, as is, in the moment with a good opponent? Cheers, thanks to anyone who can help.

  23. boaz1988 says:

    SO my name is gary boaz too.. i never thought i would find anybody else that i wasnt related to with the same name… weird

  24. fiin1 says:

    He’s right. If you watch these video’s and attempt a knockout of your own, even if you think you are following the steps or hitting the right areas, a slight miss or a use of excessive force on the wrong strikes can cause serious damage.

  25. kyushoaikiguy says:

    WWEman705, this is not just a simple, 300 word question. There is much to it and it takes much practice. There are many ways to revive a person, some safer than others. I would suggest that if possible, find a kyusho instructor and learn it properly. I’m not just blowing you off here, I’m sincere: ko’s are not things to just play with.

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