Full Contact Krav Maga – English

www.israelselfdefense.com Demonstration video for the Israeli Full Contact Krav Maga fighting method. Presented by Guy Dar, chief instructor. English version.

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25 Responses to “Full Contact Krav Maga – English”

  1. Torcika says:

    Shut up all you Goiem!

  2. bumpy105 says:

    @miku9099 It’s fake, because they’re clearly students of it, but just want to showcase what to do, not to actually hurt each other.

  3. fahmiee85 says:

    normal movement.. nothin interesting..

  4. dafuki says:

    lol @ super girlfriend @ 4:27

  5. titou24300 says:

    i don’t think that will help you with palestinians, learn an other martial arts

  6. democracyoreugenics says:


  7. iZallen says:

    Worst Nightmare for Rapists. :P

  8. ninjaheart says:


  9. thirdhorde says:

    it is funny to talk about jackie chan… he is good in what he practice… of course the movies are a bit “extreme” and they may not be that practical… but IT IS THE LEVEL OF THE FIGHTER THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE

  10. TheRenegade217 says:

    krav maga is like street fighting you try jackie chan shit on the streets boom !
    you cant fucking do jump flips and shit !

  11. thirdhorde says:

    I have no different opinion in your last post… but i think that martial arts are competitve enough against krav maga and it is silly to say that this is the best and all that stuff i hear about it…
    because this has nothing to do with martial arts spirit…
    now about the effectiveness… i just think that as it happenes with all martial arts it is the level of the fighter that counts and not the art as art… ;)

  12. fastweirdo says:


    Well, my deduction is simply because generals wouldn’t teach their soldiers how to fight if they knew there was a huge weakness in the art and it isn’t like don’t learn to adapt to fighting styles either. Krav maga is a defensive art, so the core concept is to adapt to any situation, rather than going on the offensive, but when you look at other videos featuring KM, a lot of the moves strike at crucial positions in the body that could kill you if you hit them hard enough.

  13. thirdhorde says:


    the greeks use judo, the germans wing chun, and i think that other armies use other martial arts… so what you just said is a bit non based… ok i know Israeli use this “martial art” in their army… but that does not prove anything.

  14. fastweirdo says:


    Krav Maga is such a dangerous art that you really can’t have a relatively safe competitive way of demonstrating it. I’m sure that the techniques are appliable to even seasoned fighters, otherwise it wouldnt be the martial art of an entire army.

  15. romney27 says:

    the production value blows!

  16. FomaYas says:

    Absolute horseshit.

  17. thirdhorde says:

    i dont say that this is bac for street attackers.. but what do you do against a competitive or a traditional martial artist… i mean… in the street attackers have not even a fighting stance… :/

  18. SM17H says:

    Claw the fuckers eyes out!!

  19. icd86 says:

    the strikes by the guy in the opening attack scene are terrible. His second kick hits the guys arm and he hammer fists him in the back. That wouldnt put anyone down;then he knees the next guy in the chest once…. Hit the fuckers in the groin, head and throat if you want them to actually stop attacking you.

  20. WFvidz says:

    lol the chick defends the guy

  21. Dibull86 says:

    a me me pare tanto uguale al jujitsu

  22. Ecthelion008 says:

    How about going back to school?

  23. tsunami1994 says:

    2.55 kick me my girl yeah

  24. mistersuko says:

    woow..what great psytrance :D..good music choise!!!

  25. reave9 says:

    ridicule !!!

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