Full Contact Krav Maga – Demo 2003

www.israelselfdefense.com 2003 demonstration video for the the Israeli Full Contact Krav Maga fighting method.

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25 Responses to “Full Contact Krav Maga – Demo 2003”

  1. Jomammacita says:

    Why did the security guard have to rack the slide @ 3:53?

    What’s the best defence against that annoying loop that plays ad nauseum? And WHY? Psy ops?

    Cool krav.

  2. iZallen says:

    Lets just hope its the gun instead of the Knife.

  3. HeilMontaner says:

    silat is better

  4. arckangel38 says:

    Hello, I’m practicing sipalki-do and it seemed to me very interesting martial art Krav Maga, but I doubt the video genre at minute 2.24. I’m not so sure that only one blow with his open hand to the bridge of the nose can shake off an opponent. This is my humble opinion, without any intention to disqualify your style, which I found very interesting and worthy of respect as any other martial art. Greetings.

  5. AODcommander says:

    this style of combat is what the splinter cells in the game splinter cell use Sam fisher of course was the first to learn this

  6. Madhatten1989 says:

    2:20 .. what are the odds ?

  7. championgno says:

    Its great . Im traning krav maga in 6 years

  8. xXNeMeSiS94Xx says:

    is there an english version

  9. hapkide1 says:

    Most of them are Hapkido move!

  10. dude157 says:


    This is a quick demo video, its not going to have every defence in it. Go do some research on Krav.
    Krav does teach you to run or give up the money if you think you will be safe in doing so. But if your fully trained in KM, you wont have too.

  11. WINxTEC says:


    It doesn’t matter, the kick is kinda potent.

  12. Savo003 says:

    What if the attacker is that kickboxing chick from Jackass part one? :D
    She doesn’t have balls so you could kick her in them.

  13. shin0tlcrew says:

    los videos de ejemplo son chimbos asi q no los hagan esos es ilogico como apunto la pstola y en cuandto la mujer se ve totalmente falso asi q 0 estrellas

  14. bastienjack says:

    I think Brazilian ju-jutsu is something special. I do jujutsu and it is full of punches and kicks. I just meant that Krav Maga borrowed most techniques from Ju-jutsu. But Krav maga seems quite efficient too.

  15. Edtehead says:

    krav maga > brazilian jujitsu believe me, did both already

  16. kristalinos says:

    a knife can hit any many more directions that the two you saw, up or from side. So you better give the money or run

  17. rubylight says:

    At 4:21 though, i would’ve just put the pedal to the metal: you’ve got a hundred horsepowers as your selfdefence! :p
    Worst case scenario is that he ruins your windshield with that stick, and insurance doesn’t cover it.

  18. miloedo says:

    Yeah,,, right … is not good you make small girls thinking they can beat a big man..

  19. RamDhoot says:

    Thanks for posting this
    These are real practical techniques

  20. walter777777 says:

    No one claims Krav Maga is unique or not based upon other arts. Emi Lichtenfeld who originated the art studid jiu jitsu, judo, aikido, karate, and boxing, and Krav Maga started out as a combination of these arts, but techniques from other arts ahve ben incorporated into Krav maga since Emi’s death.

    I claim no expertise in Krav Maga, and there may be erroprs in what I have written.


  21. ziomsnickers123 says:

    U know what? this “seeing anyone as potetnial threat” saved me 1 hour ago… I was allmost attacked ;/ it’s not living in constat fear, it’s trying to avoid dangerous places and peole. I’m not training right now, but coz of today I’ll start soon;/

  22. 846524162 says:

    There is one thing….When you start trainging thing like that, you consider everyone on street as potential threat.
    You are always ”awake” for attack and you even can’t normaly live.

  23. bastienjack says:

    The Israeli developped a martial art? I can do that. I’ll call that Belgianjitsu. JUST JU JITSU with an Hebrew name. If you want some real stuff watch free fight and Brazilian jujitsu. Life is not a movie.

  24. captainfat says:

    i feel sorry for the guy in the white tank…he got his ass handed to him so many times

  25. TheRussianCritic says:

    i mean you can use others but KM and WC are effective

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