FREE Lie Detection Software (VSA)

READ HERE: FREE Lie Detection Software Found At PLS. Comment

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    18 Responses to “FREE Lie Detection Software (VSA)”

    1. rickrick1545 says:

      Prevaricator V1.0

      A Lightweight Win95/98/NT application suitable for use as browser helper or standalone app.

      Performs Fourier Analysis of vocal frequencies and displays the shift of vocal frequencies which accompany even the mildest of physiologic stress.

    2. rickrick1545 says:


    3. catfat17 says:

      its fake i recoed in a rom with no sound at all no one talking no backgroud nose and it sead half of nothing was a lie he sent it so you sthinke it work but the but the green and red parts are just part of video he put there

    4. MIKYNNHOJ says:

      You’re trash

    5. farraw33 says:

      Can i download it using a MAC? Your website mentions that it works on either but the download link automatically saves it as a windows file.

    6. lilj22222 says:

      where do i download it it wont let me it takes me to a web site instead

    7. mjespino says:

      I’ve tried and tested it, but it is only a simple voice recorder. It only shows lines (going up to the red) every time without indicating if it is a truth or a lie (even if I say the truth).

    8. youfailedx says:

      Scientists have shown the Voice Stress Analysis software that costs $10,000+ is entirely inaccurate and scientifically unsound.

      Why would a free program be any better?

      There are no true lie detectors people. Polygraphs, voice analysis, etc are all junk. Flip a coin. It’s just as accurate and won’t cost you any time or money,

    9. jtrandall says:

      Only in my opinion, it’s flawed. Sometimes I lie and it says I’m telling the truth. Sometimes it says I tell the truth and it says I lie. And sometimes it gets it right. It seems to be completely inaccurate.

    10. PCGamingProductions says:

      dude thanx so much!!!!!

      nice piece of software you found….

      + 5 stars

    11. ipodtouch27 says:

      ok thank so when the squiggly line goes up or the green line

    12. ronnier9646 says:

      It as something to do with the pitch and tone of your voice. i think they go up when you lie.

    13. ronnier9646 says:

      i know if you read the speach bubble in the vid it tells you it will put the download link on the new site

    14. ipodtouch27 says:

      to know if you does the green line have to be in the red or the squiggly line has to be in the red and how do i say it like ex:
      im on youtube rite now like thhat

    15. ipodtouch27 says:

      does this really work cuz i download it n how does it work if its real hhow does it know?

    16. SirGlockALott says:

      Didnt down load, linked to some other website.

    17. yoyunyo says:

      looks cool

    18. ronnier9646 says:

      PLS comment

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