Fox 5 News Report Self Defense Capital Jiu-Jitsu Part 3

Royce Gracie appears in report on Gracie Jiu-Jitsu self defense at Capital Jiu-Jitsu.

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25 Responses to “Fox 5 News Report Self Defense Capital Jiu-Jitsu Part 3”

  1. clokedbigman says:

    @535manbearpig yes absolutly!

    but if their intent is to hurt you then the best thing to do if there are multiple opponents is to make a run for it and call for help

    one opponent bjj will absolutly destroy them

  2. clokedbigman says:

    @zerofox94 that doesnt make any sence because the gracies beleved in leverage instead of power

  3. zerofox94 says:

    bjj is good but like its not that bad, nd like royce isnt the best cause like i think for the sakuraba fight he used steroids.

  4. METEK101 says:

    You can tell she’s flirting!

  5. GeorgeAnt1987 says:

    Except the fact that Bjj is awesome…U can develope some nice relationships with your female training partners Ooo!!!! :)
    I never saw royce so relaxed and calm awesome guy!!!

  6. ColdHearted says:

    one more time please

    royce is the man haha, such a nice guy

  7. kevsenior says:

    he means the rounds

  8. carlos0259774 says:

    ”one more time pleezze” LOL

  9. 4c00h says:

    As To0t said, early UFC didn’t have a time limit, nor did they wear gloves. There were little to no rules.

  10. To0t says:

    early ufc didnt have time limit

  11. xmanhockey7 says:

    What UFC fights only 3- 5 minutes and his lasting 16??????? A full UFC fight is 15 minutes unless it’s a title fight then it’s 25 minutes.

  12. 535manbearpig says:

    look the first rule of martial arts USE UR BRAIN. If there is an armed assailant or many people jiu jitsu may be rendered useless especially against many opponents. Use your brain if ONE guy is trying to hurt u go ahead use it, but if there are many guys and all they want is your money then just give it to them, If they want your life fight a couple them then RUN AWAY

  13. scopeophile says:

    please watch video again… 4:22 ‘this is what you never want to get down to the ground” Royce: “yes” …. that whole method there is all about getting yourself up and away from a ground and pound situation… not get yourself in that situation… which to me makes sense.

    And in this video – the two techniques prior to that where non-sacrificial standing throws…

    leaving you on your feet and the would be attacker breaking kissing concrete

    or did I miss something?

  14. kenfo0 says:

    your responses are ignoring fact: the video is showing someone “instructing” others to PURPOSEFULLY take an attacker to the ground. This is clearly not the same as saying “if the fight ends up on the ground”. IRL, going to the ground will get you hurt/killed. Bas Rutten agrees.

  15. scopeophile says:

    as we both said it’s not ideal… having a ground game is useful, so you can get up and out and reduce their chance of doing so, pretty much my point… it’s not the end of it all… I do agree with your point about the ‘but say this happens…’ brigade… I fully understand about the vast difference between theory and practice.
    On ‘teh st£3tz’ ground game is another wrench in the tool box and like any tool – misuse it and it makes more problems than it solves, but well used it can help a lot

  16. kenfo0 says:

    There is no advantage, in a real world assault by an unknown person, to getting on the ground. There is (as I factually stated) a clear danger. There is a HUGE difference between a fight between “friends” in the street or opponents in a match, and protecting yourself from being killed/maimed in the street. The dopes who negged my original comment are in for a rude life/death lesson, and live in a fairy tale land of “na-ah” and “well technically…”.

  17. scopeophile says:

    a few points about being on the ground…

    it’s not all good as you say, but there are some advantages

    1) you have no danger of falling or a hard take down.
    2) any height advantage they have is rendered pointless
    3)it’s not hard to take someone down to the same level, you don’t even have to keep them there…
    4)you can still strike VERY effectively when you’re on the ground (just look at some forms of traditional Jujitsu)

    the point is, it’s not ideal… but it isn’t ‘teh D34DL3y’ either

  18. DancingSpiderman says:

    Yeah, i gree — she’s a honie.

    She’s gonna be more difficult to cuddle though… I’d start calling her Porcupine.

  19. carlos0259774 says:

    That reporter woman is so cute !!! She’s lovely .

  20. Edalb123 says:

    Bruce had training in Judo.

  21. bjjartist says:

    she tapped Royce because he let her. We all know that, even still the quick tap to a 10 minute white belt was kinda funny.

  22. phamax111 says:

    i love martial arts but when it comes down to it my favorite are is klik clak pow R.I.P. Helio Gracie

  23. kenfo0 says:

    YIKES. Anyone with RWE knows NEVER get on ground against an attack. What are you going to do if partners/friends come over and stomp on your head whilst you wax eloquent with a very “cool move”? Uh….get your head stomped.

  24. spenndoggy says:

    the best way to defend yourself is to learn how to run really fast. jiujitsu is good to

  25. k4n3 says:

    i never saw this before that was awesome

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