Fox 5 News Report Self Defense Capital Jiu-Jitsu Part 1

Report on Gracie Jiu-Jitsu self defense at Capital Jiu-Jitsu.

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    25 Responses to “Fox 5 News Report Self Defense Capital Jiu-Jitsu Part 1”

    1. mmtxaz says:

      @HollowAgito Until he got choked out or got his arm broken. BJJ!

    2. HollowAgito says:

      @mmtxaz Rapist would love to have women in their guards

    3. YorkshireGripper says:

      Look at it from a more blunt point of view – most of the time the guy will force the girl on to her back so he can get between her legs – he’s just put himself in her guard! So it isn’t a question of can a girl get the guy down, most of the time he’ll get her down, but if she knows Jits and he doesn’t……………

    4. northwestbomber says:

      @niggabartlebee well that may be right but it still would workd fine if not all the way… jujitsu helps you control the person or the situation…i think most guys would think twice if a girl took them to the ground…i mean no girl period wants to be in that situation but if they are good enough they will have no problems submiting… i know that most guys would shart themselves if a girl took them down its like a red flag flys up and it says o shit…

    5. PrairieMartialArts says:

      It would stink if a person that was 15/8ths times larger than you attacked.

    6. kokyjabn says:

      @Agtren I am happy traininng and it is already justified for that. So we are talking about an agressive and stronger man. Even that, if one of those attack me, and there is no scape. I would use jujitsu, for sure. (and maybe tkd) I have a good shape too thanks to bjj, I am also stronger now and gained a stamina not regular in non trained persons.

    7. Agtren says:

      If we continue with that metaphor about the grappling skill levels then:
      white belt – alphabet
      blue belt – single words
      purple belt – sentences
      brown belt – prose
      black belt – poetry

      It’s not my metaphor, I read it somewhere. Anyhow, forget the belts, I still don’t have any pretty belts even though I can hand many pretty belt holders their butts. Good luck on your journey!

    8. Agtren says:

      @Agtren I’m not being a jerk, I’m giving you a reality check every martial artist needs once in a while. I got plenty of reality checks on my own journey and I expect there to be a lot more.
      Keep training, put in the time and the effort and about two years from now, your confidence will become somewhat justified. Until then, just hang in there. Oh yeah, and make sure to compete. That will be another reality check.

    9. Agtren says:

      @Agtren Against a much larger, very aggressive opponent it’s just hopeless at your skill level. I doubt you know how to force another person into the clinch and get your throw if your opponent doesn’t want to give you any control over him. Are you any good at wrestling shots?
      Fights don’t start when you want them to, and you usually get very little warning.

    10. Agtren says:

      @kokyjabn Listen, you are confused. It’s normal, because to complete beginners blue belt holders seem like they are pretty good. That’s soooo far from the truth.
      You can’t take down and control a non-ground trained person easily after six months. You’ve been training in a gym, where your training partners don’t want to hurt you.
      After you get punched in the face once or twice, you’ll probably just cover up and forget all the jiujitsu you learned.

    11. kokyjabn says:

      @Agtren I respect your opinion, a beginer is not a blue belt, that’s true… But after trainning like 4 or 6 moth you are able to takedown and control a nonground-skilled person easily. I did it. The diferent againts someone else is clear. At least it was clear to me against other that do not train jujitsu. It doesn’t happen in strikking m.a. (I train striking to and a non skilled striker do not feel the diference in 5 moths)

    12. Agtren says:

      @kokyjabn Like a first-grader can learn the alphabet and maybe even how to spell a little. I’ve been doing jiujitsu for a while, and I know that delusions of being a capable grappler tend to come to a beginner rather early. I’ve been there. This is a rather popular metaphor: a capable grappler isn’t someone who can spell a single word, it’s someone who can proficiently write prose, or better yet poetry. Beginners don’t know the meaning of strong, aggressive attacker fighting everything they do.

    13. kokyjabn says:

      @Agtren yo can learn and feel the diference in a few months thats true. It happen to me also.

    14. tune5k says:

      the things i would do to karen meyers

    15. AmericanFenian says:


      Totally agree, maybe he says that because hes a purple belt instructing. If it were true than it wouldn’t take 10-15 yrs to get a black belt. A person can learn all the moves they will every need in just a couple months. But it takes 10 years to refine their technique. Maybe Royce needs to visit Capital Jiu Jitsu more often.

    16. camilajiu says:

      Buscar en youtube giba jiu jitsu brasileƱo peleas y materiales para televissao(look on youtube Giba Brazilian jiu jitsu fights and materials to televissao)

    17. Agtren says:

      Leverage and technique can be learned in a short time? What a complete load of Bullshit…

    18. TruNikkaz says:

      lol, i see that a lot of people keep saying the BJJ either is or isn’t good on it’s own

      i honestly think restricting yourself is never good, BJJ is extremely effective but sometimes grounding your opponent isn’t an option due to their skill or just circumstances

      i’d say anything involving BJJ, good strong and fast hand work and effective non-flashy kicks is a good start, the rest is on the fighter and the fight itself

    19. canofcrass says:

      @mmtxaz yes

    20. mmtxaz says:

      @canofcrass So she should just lay there and get raped?

    21. canofcrass says:

      @ShowYourWorking Oh really…guns make you stupid? Keep talking out of your ass dipwad…just because you are too lame to operate a firearm doesn’t mean the entire population shares your idiosyncrasies.

    22. canofcrass says:

      @mmtxaz and in return for the surprise she gives him, he stabs her in the eyeball and then cuts off her left nipple. Brilliant.

    23. canofcrass says:

      Don’t be suckered into a 10 week “rape prevention” class because all you’re doing is wasting your time and money. Even the girls that trained 3+ years are easily overpowered by a Mike Tyson type rapist. Reality is don’t be alone in parking structures or hotel corridors etc. and carry a mouse gun of .25 cal as such wrecks the muggers day.

      Let the jujitsu instructors get real jobs.

    24. bobjoemagee says:


    25. becs512 says: want to teach women…throwing techniques…against big guys……geez….
      And you can’t do this techniques straight away….or, a short amount of time….
      try and do these leverage techniques when you are scared and freeze……geez

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