FBI Agent Explains How To Spot Liars

Bill Brown says the eyes are not only windows to the soul, they’re human lie detectors.

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3 Responses to “FBI Agent Explains How To Spot Liars”

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  2. Oliver says:

    i am in need of any assistance i can get because people are being allowed to get away with child abduction and murder, The McCann family tried the abduction in 1994 july, they do not have the same children they had 16 years ago, the same people who tried to abduct me and murder me just happen to get in to the police force to stop me getting police assistance as i qualified to the police, this is part of the plots there to hijack my industry google, I am emailing FBI, CIA who i used to work for, Metro police, but the collusion is to strong for me to get any sense from the police at any level

  3. George Murrell says:


    how does one contact Bill Brown for possible use of his skills.
    We have a serious crime case — murder —- vicious stabbing — Feb 2008. 24 yr old woman. Looks like a murder for hire — sex related — not drug related.

    Can we contact Bill Brown — FBI agent.

    George Murrell
    British Columbia Canada

    cell 250 507 2549

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