Ex-Mother-In-Law of Jason Rodriguez on Fox News: “He Was Crazy!”

The former mother-in-law of Orlando office building shooting suspect Jason Rodriguez – identity withheld – tells Fox News “he was a very unpredictable person… he would imagine things sometimes.” She also admitted her ex-son-in-law was in a mental institution earlier this year. She added J-Rod is paranoid and has “mental problems” and was under medication for “control of the brain”. In addition, her daughter was so scared “she had to go to work with her face down… He was crazy.” When he was identified as the suspect of the horrific shooting, she feared that he would be coming after her next.

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4 Responses to “Ex-Mother-In-Law of Jason Rodriguez on Fox News: “He Was Crazy!””

  1. anglekan says:

    anyone who is fired must be crazy….it must be there fault that they were fired in the first place….WE CAN NEVER BLAME THE PERFECT EMPLOYER!! IMAO

  2. motelcalifornia says:

    Jason’s mother in law said “Exit Stage right!” and took off.

  3. motelcalifornia says:

    You know…I think that guy was crazy…I’m pretty sure….

  4. 001pelota says:

    001pelota was here

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