Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

After seeing McCain’s comment, I was shocked that nobody had made this video. So I did. A parody, of course. Sometimes it feels as if our politicians really are taking their moves directly from Monty Python’s playbook. Comments? chris@ambler.net

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25 Responses to “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques”

  1. Sarastro42 says:

    hope? what hope? there is no room for hope in this world. You should have realized this already. Great video incidentally! Cheers!

  2. soupdragon42 says:

    If some people think that anything positive will ever come out of torture, then what hope is there for the human race?

  3. AZN234 says:

    WTF?? Nice Parody. Btw thats true, Physical Torture = Unreliable information.

  4. msbfd says:

    Silly boys. OF COURSE torture works – ask any dom.

    Torture gives quasi-sexual pleasure to the torturers, and claims of any other goal or purpose are rationalizations, usually serving the purpose of authorizing attacks on critics of torture.

  5. lukensal says:

    Nice video, except McCain is one of the few people who is against torture, just because he was tortured. He’s still a bastard.

  6. sexreader says:

    Torture has never produced reliable information. Anyway what’s the point of going into Iraq, blamming Saddam for torturing the people, when you do the same too? Or saying the terrorists were animals when you start to behave like one too?

  7. shendeoge says:

    This is really a nessecary video. ! ! !

  8. seltzerwater464 says:

    Gucker07 -
    Our government is a terrorist:

    An assassin:

    a torturer:

  9. curleysloth says:

    I can see your point but bonobos are chimps, and our closest animal relative. I think human culture is the result of modern agricultural society. Derreck Jensen is probably the best author on the subject — Check out Culture of Makebelieve. It’s the one book that single-handedly changed my world view more drastically than any other.

  10. ichibrown says:

    you’re silly. Torture is never acceptable. lol. that’s like landmines man.

  11. hacknoun says:

    Wow. I didn’t know that if YOU didn’t know about something, it didn’t happen.

    Since YouTube censors URLs, you’ll have to look up Yuri Nosenko on Wikipedia yourself.

    I misremembered some details — I read about it a long time ago. So it was an attic, not a box. And it was ONLY 3.5 years, not 10.

    I guess that means we never tortured anyone.

  12. Jcolinsol says:

    You should not dismiss my view so hastily.

    Not all torture requires sadism, but it is always an act of authority (at least in this case). And coercion is against the moral fiber of our nation.

  13. Jcolinsol says:

    I see the human primate as a sort of middle ground between these two species (chimps and bonobos). We solve social interactions in both ways. I tend to find both sex, and violence to be disturbingly animalistic. I prefer to pursue a truly human pespective on the world. Puritanism is an interesting development though.

  14. curleysloth says:

    The Common Chimpanzee is very violent, and things like you describe do take place. It has been discovered however that we are related most closely to the Bonobo family of chimps, who’s culture is domestically nonviolent (they hunt). They settle all differences with sexual acts. This is why I blame puritanical ideology (whatever its origins are) for the social disorders of our species.

  15. marx102 says:

    YOu watch too much 24. Did you know that the head of West Point went to FOx and asked them to stop showing so much torture because it doesn’t work. Maybe the head of West Point isn’t a patriot like the guys who refused to fight in ‘Nam.

  16. gucker07 says:

    What nonsense. Torture is not rationalized but necessary under certain (rare) conditions and it has nothing to do with sadism if the goal is to save human lives by getting that information.

  17. gucker07 says:

    Never happended. Do you make these things up as you go?

  18. TheCosmicFluke says:

    I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition!

  19. Jcolinsol says:

    I have to disagree. Chimpanzees are known to go out in groups and if they find a chimp from another clan they beat it to death, trample the corpse, and tear off its genitals.

    Its a combination of our animal instincts to exert our authority, combined with our instinct towards violence. The traits that pushed us out of nature and into society are compassion and justice. At least that is the conclusion I have come to philosophically.

  20. curleysloth says:

    I think that’s actually backwards. I think it defies animal instict to have systematic torture. Brutality is certainly found in animals, but never like this. I really think it is pure sadism, albeit rationalized under all sorts of pretences. I just think all civilized cultures are sadistic.

  21. Jcolinsol says:

    Torture is sinful, because it constitutes an act of authority, which is an aninal instinct, rather than a human ideal.

  22. AlexDeBernardi says:

    Monty Python seem to be more rational than the so called leader of the free world.

  23. hacknoun says:

    “…but the US didnt need torture to defeat the USSR, in fact it was the USSR that used torture. The US won in part by taking the high moral ground.”

    Yeah. Except for the time the CIA put a Russian defector in a metal box in a forest, and didn’t let him out for 10 years, after determining he was telling the truth in the first place. But I’m sure that was a one-time thing.

  24. effzee says:

    “but the US didnt need torture to defeat the USSR” – what exactly makes you so certain of that? There’s no reason to trust the US government of the Cold War era more than the one currently disgracing the Constitution.

  25. yetiresearch says:

    The USSR was arguably more dangerous than Al Quaeda (Al Quaeda will never have the power to wipe out every American city at once), but the US didnt need torture to defeat the USSR, in fact it was the USSR that used torture. The US won in part by taking the high moral ground. The US has lost that moral ground. Besides, as Mccain says, it’s not trustworthy. I could torture you into saying anything I wanted, whether it was true or not, shall we try that?

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