Dr. Ruthless®: Practical, Primal Self Defense For Women

Black Belt Hall of Fame recipient and 2008 Industry Award Winner for BEST WOMEN’S SELF DEFENSE, Dr. Ruthless brings her down ‘n dirty methods online! A veteran women’s self defense expert –and a frontrunner in the original armored attacker system, Model Mugging– she is known for her no-nonsense methods, emotional depth (Soalt is also a former psychotherapist), and fierce fighting skills. Dr. Ruthless calls for all women to unearth their innate survival instincts and get this savage know-how back online. This inaugural video focuses on essential fight-back principles when nothing else will do but an explosive counterattack. Select footage from Soalt’s acclaimed Fierce & Female DVD combine with narration to best illustrate the physical, emotional and spiritual realites of “what it takes” to escape a much larger creature intent on harm — including such themes as how to deliver penetrating power, morph your body into a weapon, and effectively harness the electrifying charge of fear and adrenaline. Dr. Ruthless has been featured on national media and brings a unique voice and brand to women’s self defense. Stay tuned for more … For info on Fierce & Female DVD go to: Search Result Page – Product Catalog – Paladin Press To visit Dr. Ruthless online go to: www.dr-ruthless.com NEW!!! DR RUTHLESS NOW ON FACE BOOK! COME ON OVER & BECOME MY FAN: www.facebook.com

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29 Responses to “Dr. Ruthless®: Practical, Primal Self Defense For Women”

  1. Thank you ever so for you blog.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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  3. Aw, this was a really quality post. In theory I’d like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and never seem to get something done.

  4. Owen Sulecki says:

    Im grateful for the article.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.

  5. porcelana4ever says:


  6. loveelle94 says:

    hell yeah! girl power!!

  7. rabiared says:

    @TheGreatEscapes It’s customized, not commercially available. Thanks again!

  8. TheGreatEscapes says:

    Again – great stuff. Where do you get your equipment from?

  9. rabiared says:

    @TheGreatEscapes Thank you, I appreciate that a lot. Total respect for Tony Blauer and his outstanding methds. That said, High Gear helmet would not stand up to the full force battering we do to the head including full force (rape defense and ground fighting) side thrust kicks to the head, full elbows to face etc. (Even from big dudes!) Thank you again for your comment.

  10. rabiared says:

    @TheGreatEscapes Thank you, I appreciate that a lot. Total respect for Tony Blauer and his outstanding methds. That said, High Gear helmet would not stand up to the full force battering we do to the head including full force (rape defense and ground fighting) side thrust kicks to the head, full elbows to face etc. (Even from big dudes!) Thank you again for your comment.

  11. TheGreatEscapes says:

    Good stuff – although the attacks with gear on could be improved by using Tony Blauer’s HIgh Gear outfits. Great use of knees and elbows – just as I had been taught. Great advice about driving through your target. We need more of this on YouTube, as most of the women’s self defense vids posted on YouTube are pure junk – totally unrealistic. Just the opposite of this vid. Keep up the good work.

  12. TrickShepherd says:

    Dr Ruthless has the best self defense solutions on youtube. Second best is BAMM/IMPACT which is very similer.

  13. SleepyFox79 says:

    some of the most vicious knee strikes i have ever seen!

  14. rabiared says:

    Unfortunately no, because of the hard hitting and various full force elbows and kicks and strikes and how the helmet dovetails perfectly with the shoulder pads and more. It all works togehter customized to the man to protect him so his neck doesn’t break and doesn’t get brain dead!

  15. TheMillenniaTeam says:

    this is good but the only suggestion i have is: “could you make the helmet on the guy smaller?” they might get used to such a big target

  16. OrmEmber says:

    If I were a dad I would make my daughters watch this and then practice it before I ever gave them car keys.
    By the way, if you’re a woman, don’t start by trying to kick a guy in the balls; he expects that and will automatically shield them. Attack something else he doesn’t expect, then when he’s reeling from that, you can kick in his groin. I have no sympathy for guys that attack women, they deserve any pain they get….

  17. Zro0000 says:

    now women self defence is great…and alot of thier techniques are the best martial arts have to offer when it comes to effectiveness…but some of the techniques i have a hard time believing in i am a bjj practioner and bjj to me is the most effective art especially for women…but this is great i think all females should learn something like this

  18. Ichliebemusikundybd says:

    I love this woman, she’s a true inspiration to ALL women. Now this is the real deal! Keep up the good work, lady : )

  19. sweeeeetey says:

    I’m really so sick of that shit can’t going everywhere I want when I want just cause I couldn’t defend myself -.-
    I so need to learn this..
    BTW she’s the real life wonderwoman xD

  20. kim444 says:


  21. IPresentMyself123 says:

    Before I saw her Fierce and Female dvd, I was unsure of what I would truly do in a panic situation. Now I know how to kick ass and it just plain feels good. Thank you Dr Ruthless!

  22. Emberville says:

    I don’t like to talk about it, but when I was assulted, my assailant and I both ended up in the ER. In the end, I had a couple stiches to the forehead… he on the other hand, well, you’d be amazed how much damage a french manicure can do. I didn’t know I had it in me :)

    It’s ALL about the explosion. Humans are animals with visceral survival instincts regardless of size, or gender.

  23. selkiesidhe says:

    Wow… Seeing that tiny little woman lay those guys out. There’s no doubt in my mind she couldnt do just that in a real life or death situation. Now THIS is the kind of self-def videos women everywhere need to be ordering!!!

  24. teamdq1 says:

    I have been in martial arts for over 15 years. I have watched all the so called self defense videos on you tube. This is the real deal. I agree with it all Women looking for real self defense i would recommend this dvd… It is about time someone on you tube put some power into the attacks and the attacked fights with attacks and power… Great job.. I hope women will see this video … The person attacking will attack full contact you can only react with full power and full contact.. good job

  25. kawaigurl808 says:

    I ordered her Fierce and Female DVD, can’t wait to view it.

  26. gavinsstuff says:

    ermmmm as a man i can say getting kicked in the nuts practically paralizes you for about 30 secs . i dont have a clue what your balls are made of…. titanium?

  27. countryisthelife says:

    I would have to agree, if you don’t kick a guy in the nuts the right way to cause the most amount of pain, they will just get really pissed off.

  28. jujitsoka32 says:

    this is really awesome, it`s really good such things that you`ve taugth to women and empowered against agressive men keep it up…!!!!! well dr ruthless i`d like be your friend and share some soda but not ending like your dummy target hehehe. javier from argentina

  29. logistics2pratik says:

    go for the nuts, then follow through while the attacker is stunned for a at least a couple of seconds. hit his neck, face, hit his groin again. the key in all fights is always follow through after the first hit you get in.

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