Dr Phil – 2007.09.05 – Family Follow-Up (Backstabbing Sisters’ polygraph results)

This is the follow-up to Backstabbing Sisters. Christy and Stacy agreed to take a four-hour polygraph test to see who’s really telling the truth. For the fir…
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27 Responses to “Dr Phil – 2007.09.05 – Family Follow-Up (Backstabbing Sisters’ polygraph results)”

  1. avamalone says:

    I actually just watched the original show and was looking online for the follow-up. I work in the world of sexual assault and could rattle off statistics from reputable and widely accepted and well run studies; however, there really is only one point that I’d like to make as I find it is missing on each and every discussion board I have run into. Children RARELY disclose abuse during an initial forensic interview. The relationship between a child and their parents is so incredibly complex and necessary to their well-being that they don’t dare do anything to weaken that relationship. Also, it is almost a given that an abused child has been threatened in some way if they reveal “the secret.” That again reinforces why a child will rarely reveal anything initially.

    It’s a complicated and important discussion. Dr Phil is not the right platform for it.

  2. Kandis says:

    OMG really! This lady is wacked out. Even the neice is saying look nothing has happened I am old enough to get help if it did, Stop messing with my family leave us alone…
    The sister needs to move far far away… and not tell anyone where she went. As for the wacked out sister she needs to go to a mental hospital

  3. Arubagyal gyal says:

    She lied!! PSYCHO!!

  4. anibell13 says:

    I used to do CPS investigations. The number of women who turn a blind eye to their husband abusing children is HIGH.

  5. Lorraine Morris says:

    This is sad. I believe the aunt thought something was going on but Dr.Phil went above and beyond to sift through these allegations. I now see the sisters intent after the lie detector test results. She should have been relieved. Instead she insisted nobody was listening :-O. Clearly a case of jealously. She is willing to destroy her sisters life for what? I was in fact surprised to find they didn’t ask her more questions. 4 hour lie detector test & not one question asking about childhood abuse

  6. Amanda Pease says:

    The fact that Christy would continue to do this to her family shows that she is mentally disturbed and needs to seek help. CPS will bust their way into every aspect of a person’s life if they suspect abuse. They don’t take the allegations lightly – any allegation! Christy is sick and I sincerely hope that she gets help and faces the truths Dr.Phil gave to her. I also hope that her sister and her nieces and nephews have nothing to do with her; she is toxic.

  7. Pandakinny says:

    That lying woman has such a guilty pathetic face

  8. Diana G says:

    I knew that she was lying the first second I saw her face. People are so easy to see through.

  9. jesusfrankenstein1 says:

    I hope she leaves these poor people alone now and gets on with her own sad life

  10. hotgirlsarehot says:

    I like how Dr. Phil is giving the girl his cell phone number again. I guess the first time, she told all her friends.

  11. Rarity Bit says:

    I don’t trust that lying bitch, but watch the Bullshit episode on polygraphs. They don’t have accuracy in the high 90s.

  12. MsAgentKMK says:

    Ha ha. Thanks for your feedback but if you don’t like reading detailed program descriptions then don’t look at my other video posts…..the blurb is even longer!!! If you don’t want to read it then just click on play and enjoy the videos for what they are.

  13. 25CarpeDiem says:

    Too much blurb written in these places is bordering on the “too much” by the time you get to the row people might start to lose interest, by the third row people might start to lose track and switch off! By the forth row I’ve lost the will to live lololol

  14. lola bigcups says:

    the accusing sister seems like the type of person that see themselves as a hero or champion of the abused & if she cant find any abuse she has no problem making some up even with being confronted with her lies she tries 2 make her sister out 2 be the villain.

  15. HoneyNVinegar says:

    Maybe if people weren’t so freaked-out over their husband or wife looking at general porn, stuff like this wouldn’t happen. BOTH my husband and I surf around for crazy shit, and we couldn’t care less.

  16. gatweet1 says:

    *for the record…

  17. gatweet1 says:

    That’s YOUR opinion and everyone has one, but I still say that repetitiously voicing your credentials is NOT necessary, if they’re there, they probably know. And first the record, I really don’t watch it and that was one of the reasons why I chose to stop long time ago…not because you said so (lol)

  18. Jennifer Qualls says:

    extending his hand to offer help discover if there was indeed any sort of abuse happening. I feel he was unbiased, genuinely concerned, as evidenced by giving the daughter his personal cell number. He’s not stupid, he knows what she’ll say as soon as she leaves. As an observer, I could see her leave his show, attempt to rip his capabilities to shreds, as she has clearly done to all intervening, investigative entity. He didn’t shove opinions down throats, just stated qualifications, with facts.

  19. Jennifer Qualls says:

    Then don’t watch!! Some people, especially people like the accusing sister, need to be reminded that they are dealing with someone of whom can NOT be manipulated because he has been there, done that, heard it, seen it, and is an expert who also takes these matters seriously. He calmly accomplished an investigation, shed light on truths and deceptions, to no avail of making this sister satisfied, and intelligently foresees this vindictive sis leaving the show and now bashing his abilities, after

  20. Jennifer Qualls says:

    I have so many different opinions about the sister who made these false accusations towards her sister, however, I’ll stick with my strongest gut feeling. I feel she has exploited her sister out of jealousy. It was mentioned the accuser utilized court appointed attorneys, so the other sis had to pay for her own out of pocket. I feel the accuser is jealous of her successful sis, and is exploiting her for possible future book/movie deals. It’s sick/sad, hope she’s never successful w her schemes!!

  21. globe255 says:

    She just cared about the children and that should be a decent behaviour in my opinion.
    Sorry this is the right comment from me. I was copying the wrong comment.

  22. globe255 says:

    She just cared about the children and that should be a decent behaviour in my opinion.
    Sorry thats the right comment from me-:)

  23. globe255 says:

    Oh, shut up, lady. You’re such a psychotic liar.

  24. globe255 says:

    Oh, shut up, lady. You’re such a psychotic liar.

  25. globe255 says:

    She just cared about the children and that should be a decent behaviour in my opinion.

  26. gatweet1 says:

    So sick of hearing about your thirty or more years of credentials Dr. Phil! Who gives a crap? You say that in nearly every show ti convince who, yourself?? Enough already!!

  27. Yuko Maskay says:

    i knew it. its so obvious that sis is not accusing cuz she is trying to protect her sis’s children. she sounds like she’s trying to take revenge. doesn’t sound genuinely supportive at all.

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