DJ Prezence – Training Day (Monte Carlo Scene) HQ

I wanted to do something special for my 100th upload. Off the top of my head I thought why not upload what my channel ultimately represents. West Coast rap music. This scene is from the movie Training Day starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke. The instrumental you hear is by the best West Coast Producer of rap to ever live, Dr. Dre. The actual scene doesn’t stretch the instrumental out, it actually fades out pretty quick. I used my editing skills to make he instrumental stretched out over the whole scene itself. What’s ironic about the movie is that it’s because of police like ‘Alonzo’ that 2Pac and Biggie’s murders were carried out and covered up. There were definitely other factors that contributed to the killings remaining unsolved, but the main relation is clear. Corruption in law enforcement was a huge factor in both deaths. This video clip is my 100th upload. I hope everyone enjoys the uploads I have brought to you and I hope you’ll continue to support me with all my projects. Thank you for subscribing and checkin’ me out. -DJ Prezence

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10 Responses to “DJ Prezence – Training Day (Monte Carlo Scene) HQ”

  1. This formal summary assited me very much! Bookmarked your site, very great topics everywhere that I see here! I appreciate the information, thanks.

  2. Right sorry for this. One last promotional hurrah. This trending news is perfect for some promo surfing. Promise i’ll shut up about it…

  3. AZIANfukZMenzBUTTZ says:

    conejo the rapper is there hahah

  4. Vendetta013 says:

    Alonzo: There you go. You stick around with me, you’ll make it. Unlearn that bullshit they teach you at the Academy. That shit’ll get you killed out here.

    Jake: I’ll do anything you want me to do.

    Alonzo: My nigga. Roll that window down first. You gotta see the streets. You gotta feel it. You gotta smell it, you gotta taste the streets. How’s your Espanol?

    hahah hes crazyy

  5. ladykiller0005 says:

    @shinypin101 I totally agree with you that movie a bronx tale was really good

  6. djprezence says:

    Fuck dude I saw a bronx tale for the first time like a year ago..just last saturday it was on some movie channel and I watched the whole movie, that was an awesome movie.

  7. shinypin101 says:

    one of my all time favoirite movies next to a bronx tale

  8. SouzaPelon says:

    2:20 Conejo Tomando um enquadro dos Gambé PORRA! HAHAHAHHA

  9. twinnmusic says:

    nice work… training day is a good film

  10. samosa87 says:

    tight man!

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