Dirty Harry’s Enhanced Interrogation Techniques – Was it Torture? Or just good Police Work?

Clint Eastwood’s style of getting information from a suspect was very effective in my opinion. Yes it may have gone against some of our laws, and quite possibly even our constitution, but they were effective nonetheless. When the life of a fourteen year old girl is a stake, then I would give the police officer a break, and in fact, if I were on his jury, I would vote to acquit him of all “torture” charges, its called jury nullification, and I would use it. If we cannot bend the rules to save the life of a good police officer who “tortured” a low life scum bag who should not even be breathing the same air as the rest of us, then there is something wrong with us. Just think of all of the money and misery that is saved when one of those dirt bags gets a bullet in the head from one of our finest. Think of the woman who will not be raped, the people who will not have there property stolen, etc. I would dare to say that one 75 cent bullet could save upwards of one million dollars easily, and most likely more than that. When I was first watching the movie I thought Officer Harry Callahan was just trying to stop the bleeding on the poor gentleman’s leg by applying pressure to it with his foot, but apparently, according to his superiors, he was trying to extract information from the subject with the use of torture, who would have known? I guess one mans torture, is another mans kind jester towards a fellow human being. jbranstetter04

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25 Responses to “Dirty Harry’s Enhanced Interrogation Techniques – Was it Torture? Or just good Police Work?”

  1. metalgraboid says:

    Go on out and get some air, fatso!

  2. metalgraboid says:

    @lupoistheman1 yesterday.

  3. lupoistheman1 says:

    Since when did Dirty Harry ever play on AMC?

  4. MrSalamander7 says:

    I like how you left out the beginning of the conversation where they mentioned how Harry could have been charged with attempted murder among other things.

  5. mitrooper says:

    Lol, you didn’t even post the whole scene, you just cut it off on the line “The law is crazy”….silly.

  6. MrSalamander7 says:

    Man! 99% of the people commenting on this video are total fucking tools. lol.

  7. mphlohi says:

    With crimes punishable via life/death sentences, anything less than that I think the system can handle without breaking its rules.

  8. junglepoppa says:

    That man in glasses is a god damned LIBERAL!

  9. eric777100763 says:

    good police work!!

  10. sweitzer7 says:

    the only problem is where do we draw the line?

  11. eerqizz says:

    ” No no no no dont do anything more. No you tried to kill me! Nooouu nooou noooou!!111 Please no more cant you see im hurt please dont!111″

    hahaha wtf

  12. NatSci says:

    What a simple creature you are.

    Life is a soap opera and we can all sleep safely at night.

    What a nutjob.

  13. arubberball says:

    Yes, I’ve read Goldberg’s book.Thanks for the digs on my music.

  14. pieceomeat says:

    ah the smiley face fascist logo…ever read Jonas Goldberg’s book? I checked out your page..very very nice. Great music too.

  15. arubberball says:

    yes, you are correct. Mrs.Clinton said she was progressive some time back.

  16. pieceomeat says:

    Saul Alinsky….-Americans will never accept socialism but under the moniker “progressive” they will accept ALL of it’s tenets enthusiastically.

    Admirerers of Alinsky ( a socialist)
    Hillary Clinton
    Barack Obama

  17. cummyCroissant says:

    i like to wear condoms

  18. ImIllegalToo says:

    Did we all forget that the girl died?

  19. madeinamerica650 says:

    Eastwood is the man!

  20. arubberball says:

    you forgot to include progressives…which are the real threat.

  21. FGTBOGSAT says:

    Resist National Socialism and Communism !

  22. QuartuvLarry says:

    I couldn’t condone this action in good conscience, regardless of the motive behind it. It would set a precedent for being applied to GOOD people further down the road.

  23. dsl32 says:

    we need more Dirty Harrys and Genreal Pattons

  24. bigun89 says:

    Mmmmmm…. I love it…

  25. NAGGERNUTZ says:

    A good cop would have tortured the fuck until he gave up the information, then shoot him and plant an unregistered backup gun in his hand. Self defense. Then society is protected from a slime ball who would no doubt commit another crime and save the taxpayers from a lengthy, drawn out trial and incarceration. Justice.

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