Cryptome’s John Young on Alex Jones TV 1/3: The Internet is a Police State Surveillance Grid

Alex also talks with John Young, webmaster of Cryptome, a website that covers news on freedom of speech, cryptography, spying, and surveillance. The ISP Network Solutions shuttered Young’s site earlier in the week after he posted a document summarizing Microsoft’s dealings with law enforcement agencies.

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    25 Responses to “Cryptome’s John Young on Alex Jones TV 1/3: The Internet is a Police State Surveillance Grid”

    1. Rizimar says:

      Alex reminds me of a cross between Chris Farley and Kevin Spacey for some reason.

    2. gtrefghuk says:

      Well dont be so lazy. Drive down to Dominoes and get the pizza yourself.

    3. LeliaBnhyi says:

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    4. 79chemdog says:

      All i can say folks just don’t listen to Alex I was listening to a lot of different media , and i think that they will never control the web nobody does that is what is so beautiful about it think about it the corporations are not smart it is the students who are brilliant, so Alex chill out not everything is a conspiracy to complex than that.

    5. StandMachine says:

      One thing is for sure, if they mess up the internet with censorship and strangle peoples freedom of speech and information, there is gonna be molotov cocktails and chaos in the street. People are not gonna put up with this shit!


    6. omasanidinuka says:

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    7. hungarylnnjsd says:

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    8. yovonnda4g says:

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    9. despinapjr says:

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    10. vman996 says:

      @CrazyManMusicVideos Ha ha ha yeah, you’re expecting a Double pepperoni and you get a Double barrel in your face….Ha ha ha Very funny!

    11. Guitarlots says:

      Freedoom of Speech, is when you say what you want and get your ass kicked.
      If I had a nickle for everytime I spoke my mind I’d be a millionaire.

      However a soft answer turns away wrath … so speak softly and carry a big dick

    12. 407buddy says:

      Stop paying your debt, (we) the people do have the power: I am not paying (and playing) any more. It would be interesting to see who’s got who by the balls, it’s all just like a (rigged) poker game, isn’t it?

    13. Poonard says:

      @hard2start427 ..On Star. I caught her GPS marking our home! I got very angry! Because she LIED about her motives, because she would not answer me honestly. At first I gave her the benefit of doubt that she was just doing her job and maybe she was, however, she had to know how crooked it was because she LIEEEDD!!! Can’t you people see what this system is doing to us? It’s taking good people and forcing them to forget their humanity, their tie to nature…it’s severing us from our wholesomeness.

    14. Poonard says:

      @hard2start427 I still live at home. I had planned on living the “normal life” for a long long time but then realized what was really happening. I came back home in order to teach my family what’s going on here. Yesterday, a Census agent came knocking. I let my mother answer her questions but I couldn’t handle it any more. I had to ask her why and who they were asking more than how many lived here. She then proceeded to pretend she locked her keys in her car and asked to use our phone to call..

    15. Poonard says:

      @shinobiung What’s something we could do? Ideas…Send them a lot of porn information, send them a bunch of funny kitty pictures, send them a bunch of uselessness, send them a bunch of fuck you! :)

    16. mistacord says:

      @prffsrx why??? ……snifffff

    17. prffsrx says:

      That’s why I only buy Mac products.

    18. shinobiung says:

      I’ve known this for a LONG time, infact ever since Windows Media 5, I noticed when you log of, turn of, the computer sends a HUGE packet of data to Microsoft. Every time you logon to MSN or windows messenger, Windows records everything you say, when ever you use Windows Media player, everything you watch and listen to on it gets recorded. then all gets sent to Microsoft, and thats just the tip of the iceberg

    19. AwisemanisStrong says:

      Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty! – Proverbs
      Accept Jesus as your Lord and savior – Pray this – “Jesus, Lord of Nazareth, come into my heart and take control of my life so that I may live my life thru you.” Now watch the miracles start to happen´╗┐ in your life and those who you pray for in the name of Jesus, Lord of Nazareth – “Give to those who beg you, love those who hate you, Pray for your enemy” – Jesus

    20. DakotaZ162 says:

      I think some movies are for entertainment, they seen “that” movie got a good review made a lot of money and mimicked it.

    21. lumpfish99 says:

      my only suggestion is that you check into what he says for yourself……perhaps you can explain what the georgia guide stones mean?…..or why they are still standing?….or all the rest of what should be raising more alarm bells and red flags for you……

    22. hard2start427 says:

      What I will never understand is, why a government that so completely fails to represent its people keeps getting elected again & again every election.

      The same fraudsters, con artists and double talkers. Voted into power by overwhelming majority.

      Americans complain their government sold them out, yet keep voting the same corrupt thieves into office every election. Then complain that nothing changes. Talk about insanity.

      Can they not recognize slick liars from honest people of integrity?

    23. hard2start427 says:

      All this security in place, Homeland Security, Fusion Centers, NSA monitoring all citizens, cell phone tracking, CIA surveillance, Patriot Acts, corporations in collusion with government (fascism) to monitor and track people around the globe, FBI and on and on.

      Yet a lone underwear bomber on flight 253 somehow slips through the cracks.

      If that doesn’t tell you something.

    24. hard2start427 says:

      It’s very lucrative business to spy on people.

      Corporations in collusion with government is fascism. Of the highest order.

      Yet people cheer on government takeover of healthcare. What is wrong with this picture? All of it should be resisted. With your life.

      Americans as a majority are absolute fools. They truly are. Educated idiots. So easily manipulated and deceived into whatever agenda the oligarchs set forth. Like pawns. As they consume Hollywood movies and play NWO video games

    25. hard2start427 says:

      It’s all part of NWO to program youth minds to their luciferian agenda. Hollywood is one giant mind control factory. Sad that so many people believe movies are for entertainment.

      Ever wonder why satan is so popular with the kids these days? Imagine that in the 60s, 70s or 80s. Wouldn’t happen. Yet now kids think it’s cool to embrace demons, masonic symbolism and satan. Ridiculous really. When you think about it.

      That’s the result of years of Hollywood social engineering and TV mind control

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