Bram Frank, known as the father of Israel knife combat methods, is the founder of CSSD / SC system, a tactical fighting art based on Remy PresasĀ“ Modern Arnis, of whom he was a student himself. In this DVD Bram, through practical and direct teaching, will unveil the concepts of tactical response with knife. We will study the training system, the basic defences using our most instinctive basic motor skills, the ways of cutting and stopping the opponent from the bio-mechanic point of view, the correct use of edged weapons and the movements based on “Sombrada” and “Sinawali” from Philippine martial arts. Available at For DVD Downloading visit also

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    10 Responses to “COMMON SENSE SELF DEFENSE”

    1. ridgehand says:

      It’s not senseless. It teaches you how to move and flow. That’s what drills are for. If you train in some sort of martial art you understand that you learn by rote, then throw away the technique when you undertand the practical and real application.

    2. undayag says:

      one more senseless knife to knife drill…phantasy

    3. muker123 says:

      stupid rubbish get a life instead of pretending to be ninja

    4. what2put2put says:

      this shit will get you killed !!!!

    5. zzsharka says:

      not if he can run faster

    6. harrydoubledick says:

      Man, you have GOT to have a look at this idiot. His name is “Tex Grebner87″ and he’s teaching people how to make fighting knives and teaching them how to knife fight when he’s never, ever been trainied or even been IN a knife fight. It’s absolutely hilarious. Please check out…….. “Tex’s Cold Steel Recon 1 modifications” You will just piss yourself laughing, I gurantee it.

    7. tekshow says:

      that’s the truth!

    8. sxePsychopunksxe says:

      you had a better chance against knife if you run away

    9. abdur28 says:

      thats the 1, 4 , 12 knife drill we did in the knife seminar with daz in Slough

    10. joestaffie says:

      Good to see some of the faces of CSSD/SC in action

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