Combat Systema Pressure Points

A brief excerpt of restraint tactics against resistant opponents. For more information, please visit and check our restraint tactics DVD, Primal Power 2.

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    11 Responses to “Combat Systema Pressure Points”

    1. ErnestRama says:

      nice job, btw where did you get that song

    2. Donkyfishy says:

      only the last two guys put up a fight..

    3. CrowndKingx says:

      MOSH PIT!

    4. InfiniteHR says:

      combat systema?? is there other systema?

    5. NewZealfighter says:

      this is good pactial stuff.They are actually learning to protect our people

    6. BreatheRelaxMoveNZ says:

      Awesome footage!! More please………..keep seeing a few bits and pieces of law enforcement tactics using the System, would love to see more regarding this aspect…….might make a great topic for a full length vid……hint hint……..Great work, keep them coming please!!

    7. NewZealfighter says:

      I would not want to experince any police or security personal that knows this stuff

    8. vogras says:

      reminds me of my local on the weekend

    9. mandoirock says:

      wow!! would not want to be a robber!

    10. JaktFibaz says:

      2 vs 1 surprise attack, awesome…

    11. LilBallerFlip says:

      nice job . keep up the good work

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