Columbo Fantastic Interrogation Example

Columbo is hard at it as usual, convincing even the guilty of the crime they’ve committed!

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26 Responses to “Columbo Fantastic Interrogation Example”

  1. ChristoperTr says:

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  2. mednode says:

    Something that I found kind of annoying about Columbo is that you never saw him at his police station, you never saw him answering to anyone, you never saw his wife. It was almost like Columbo worked by himself and just appeared to people. It was kind of the same shit, every week.

  3. Baldenlong77 says:

    It’s John Cassavetes, who had starred with Savallas in THE DIRTY DOZEN. Savallas was already bald and doing KOJAK at this point. Cassavetes also directed Falk in HUSBANDS and A WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE.

  4. SirGroucho says:

    John Cassavettes.

  5. AVT8463 says:

    @sbarr10 – that villain is a younger Telly Savallas, Kojak, isn’t it? Another great character detective… when he laughs at 1.22… so Kojak.

  6. TasteForDisaster says:

    hah, columbo’s the best, and he always says “just one more thing” and then usually gives an aswome point

  7. GarthanSaal444 says:

    At least this guy didn’t try to kill Columbo, like some others tried to do.

  8. Lockemeister says:

    That guilty look at :43 secs!

  9. gianca60 says:

    I love the fact that every villain in the series, thinks Columbo is a jerk and then is exposed by this brilliant detective.

  10. streeteffective says:

    Peter Falk is a mega talent & a master.

  11. gringodeltoro1 says:

    I met a few cops during my time, detective on murder case… I’m sad to say that they would never ever had solved the crimes on this show… 100% sure about that !

  12. HiHoJose says:

    I love Columbo’s facial expression as he finishes saying “suppose it was you” (the first time he says this).

  13. stsimon100 says:

    To MYTAKE: Virgo ? …. it sems Cancer !

  14. TracyAndersonFoxhunt says:

    peter falk is jewish. Lt Columbostein

  15. steflondon88 says:

    @hehelol33 i am 24, used to watch this with my mom as a kid, thats how you get introduced to a lot of good tv i guess. and i love him more now than i did then.

  16. steflondon88 says:

    @sbarr10 hells yes.

  17. MyTake3535 says:

    Columbo… Peter Faulk–a true Virgo male! Love him–them!

  18. hehelol33 says:

    Being part of a younger generation I never knew anything about Peter Falk or Columbo. Recently my grandfather passed away and I was reading some old newspaper articles on him and about 50 of the 100 articles talked about him being good friends with Peter Falk. Anyways i started watching clips of his show and all I can think is, do actors come this good anymore? did I miss a golden age when acting was this good?

  19. gnaaade says:

    Good video! Everyone has to love Columbo.

    by the way, on my channel, I’ve got a Columbo video too, featuring a very young Kim Catrall as a sexy student, complete with a teddy bear. From the episode “How to dial a murder” (1971).

  20. mywayak says:

    “Goodbye, genius.”

  21. NEBUKEDNEZZA says:

    Columbo is hard at it as usual, convincing even the guilty of the crime they’ve committed!

    Dear mkrwilliamson,
    Thanks for your comment, I have always wondered about folk with a disavowed idea in their head.
    The notion of their not being aware of their having acted on their repressed anger or resentment, is hard to understand but, it is so; I wonder what crime I may be picked-up on by Columbo, if he is ever in my neighbourhood.


  22. jennifersman says:

    Here’s a trivia question for all you Columbo fanatics, Peter Falk was one of the last actors considered for the role, who was offered it first and turned it down?

  23. IrishClaudius says:

    @buster20010 That guy – the gulity party is John Casavetes – he played Rosemary’s husband in Rosmary’s baby – a very brilliant actor.

  24. lewisner says:

    The best tribute I can pay to Columbo is that I always try to think like him.

  25. yabigslev says:

    Well done Columbo

  26. wargames198384 says:

    Best detective show ever.

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