Coaching Strikers To Be The First Line Of Defense

In this soccer coaching video Neil Travers and Lee Jones explain the key soccer movement of your strikers on the soccer pitch on how to close down in the attacking third of the pitch and prevent your opponents from playing.

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14 Responses to “Coaching Strikers To Be The First Line Of Defense”

  1. Shani Stofko says:

    I think you know how to write a really nice post. Thanks!

  2. Agnaldo533 says:

    vejam raul 10 shom de bola

  3. naps7er93 says:

    :D this coach is a total noob :D

  4. AvazFreedom says:

    It’s absurd to argue which system is better. You set your players based on the types of players you have. You want the best 11 not the the 11 best that happen to fit your system. With that said 4-4-2 is a pretty balanced system overall.

  5. messi101016 says:

    The United States used a flat four midfield and beat Spain 2 to 0 so I don’t think it is that bad!!!

  6. fkarczeski says:

    Anyways, that is my thought on the subject… I am not saying I am right I just giving my opinion. I’ve played both ways and I felt that it was a lot easier to play with more central midfielders. Not to brag or anything but I did play in some really good teams and the better teams I played on used the 4-2-2-2 style…

    maybe I am biased since I won more games in the central midfielder style, but I did play in a better team when I played that formation… : )

  7. fkarczeski says:

    4 mid flat would work on defense if the other team uses the same formation; if the other team has four players more central and use their outside backs to attack then they will have more people in the middle and control the flow of the game since the team that wins the middle (in most cases) win the match.

    I realize formations are not set, and it works better with players rotating, but if there are two wingers wide it is harder for them to switch with other players since they are more isolated.

  8. shwanson1 says:

    Yeah but the flat 4 in midfield is the basic and most organised way when defending.

    I agree you do have to maybe change that when going forward. But maybe not to such an extent that you guys are implying.

    Formations are never set anyway, all professional and good players know what their off the ball movements should be and when to cover for other players.

  9. fkarczeski says:

    That was exactly my point; I have nothing against 4-4-2 since I played it for most of my life, but I do believe that the four midfielders shouldn’t be in line, I am all for the two defensive mids and two offensive mids that looks more like a 4-2-2-2; I don’t mind the diamond style either, it is a good variation and it can work based on the players you have… the thing people need to figure it out is that it is VERY IMPORTANT for the outside backs to support offensively giving the team’s width!

  10. andymacceltic says:

    The ‘midfielders in line’ 4-4-2 doesn’t work, but the variations of 4-4-2 are the most succesful formations in the world. E.g 4-4-2 with two holding midfielders and two attacking wingers (Man Utd), 4-4-2 diamond(Spain at Euros & Man Utd of past) and the narrow 4-4-2 where you utilise one Defensive mid, two Centre mids and one attacking mid who supports the strikers. The centre mids have license to pull wide when neccesary but full-backs are the key to wing play (AC Milan & Brazil)

  11. ChrisJamesMorris says:

    The fat guy was made no attempt 2 make it look like has wasn’t reading from a card!

  12. fkarczeski says:

    I’m sorry but I believe that 4-4-2 with the midfielders in line is a horrible formation, no good winning team still uses that… it frustrates me to see people still making teams that play like that, please change the midfielders to a diamond or square style and teach the kids to play some real international football… other than that good video about forwards defensive formation

  13. ahseang says:

    any video?

  14. funnydarragh says:


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