CIA Interrogation Methods

As more of the CIA techniques used to interrogate terrorists come to light, Jay Nordlinger reflects on whether Americans are OK with these methods in an effort to keep the country safe.
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9 Responses to “CIA Interrogation Methods”

  1. Dennis Anthony says:

    We don’t think it is OK, Mr. pie in the sky and we’ve been getting our asses kicked since WWII. Unless and until we conduct war like Sherman/Grant in the Civil War, we will never win another situation. This pretty boy has never been tortured. He is like any liberal; the faster they talk the more liberal/homo they are.

  2. Dennis Anthony says:

    And today we learn that the president are going to release 1/3 of those in GITMO to other countries. With a terrorist president like Obama, who need terrorists?

  3. Dennis Anthony says:

    As a former Marine pilot, I was water-boarded numerous times in SERE training. Can “I” sue someone? Ha!

  4. scorpion32 says:

    This program is so stupid no innocent people have been tortured what about saffiya the innocent women who was kidnapped and tortured and her children were taken away stop lying to people what about people who was released from these blacksites such as egypt

    u faceless liars

  5. بخت النصر خراسانی says:

    And he forgot to mention that the chance of an innocent person being considered for EIT is extremely slim. There must be strong evidences against somebody to make them a candidate for further questioning. An innocent person clearly doesn’t have that heavy collection of evidences surrounding him, unless he is astronomically unlucky

  6. abirz11 says:

    yea kill their families, just like what kim jong il does to defactors

  7. Scottie Stricklin says:

    I say hit them in the head with a freakin axe, it they don’t talk hit them again!!!

  8. crx122 says:

    Such an incredibly ignorant statement eric777 whatever. You seriously think it’s ok for someone to have the power to decide for someone to be tortured? The large majority of the detainees are innocent, and were in the wrong place, or sold for bounties. People will say anything to stop being tortured, most information gathered is useless. We call them terrorists and then use the exact same tactics against them, losing us even more ground. This is coming from an American too.

  9. eric777100763 says:

    I got NO problem with it. This isnt a game!! These guys are the enemy. It all part of the game!!

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