Christopher # 4

A Court Appointed Special Advocate, Adryenn Ashley, who helped force the corrupt judges of San Jose, to let us do a IN JAIL interview, gives us her EyeWitness report on a hearing where William J. Christopher was NOT present, and his rights were brutallly violated. Adryenn was working on her own HBO special, which HBO never bought because it was too honest about the plight of the Non Custodial Parent, usually Dads, 85% of the time. She documents the reasons why the Public Defender, Atty. Lopez , probably should be Dis-barred and put in Prison after a trial by an impartial jury of NC Parents who have been royallyl screwed out of any justice by the Kangaroo Corporate Courts of the Corporate State.

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25 Responses to “Christopher # 4”

  1. 006006006006 says:

    Damn good Video… thanks.

  2. superpencil007 says:

    He is out, since Seplt 2006 because of WmWagener’s spotlighting it…

  3. MoronFreeZone says:

    Thanks for helping the underdogs! The hole in hell will be crowded. Ours will be vast and eternally amazing. The Mystery of His Peace is so profound.

  4. FordF1502001 says:

    Sounds like Washington and Clackamas County Courts in Oregon

  5. williamwagener says:

    I have held back this interview from early on for two reasons,
    1st and chief, Ms. Ashley was trying to sell her HBO Special to
    H.B.O. as a neutral & balanced view of the NCP lock up issues that are a pandemic in America today. I did not what this vid from early 2006 to interfere or cause her any “sale” problems.

  6. williamwagener says:

    WE did . We got the Veteran out Sept. 2006… See :
    Christopher 1, 2, & 3. Had Chris in the studio within 48 hours
    after release, after 6.3 years locked up. Worth watching,
    Just click on “Christopher 3″ under this screen, back to #1

  7. moviedude22 says:

    Okay so enough videos and enough string violins already. Help the poor guy out already!!!

  8. superpencil007 says:

    DUE PROCESS completely BI-passed
    by the Corrupt JUST US [LawLiars] System….

    This explains why the PRISONS are so

    full in part. FREE Richard FINE,

    FREE Ed Brown & Dr. Elaine BROWN

    but their Judges in PRISON in their place.

  9. CPSSucks says:

    Corrupt evil judges & lawyers are everywhere now – a judge in Canada states, for example, “Parents have no rights; only responsibilities.” Guess what – he’s a family court judge, and – surprise, surprise – a homosexual. Guess where your children are going when he uses the corrupt courts to steal them from heterosexual parents?

  10. freemanshrout says:

    Another great video .. 5*****+

  11. praeeo says:

    Great job on staying on this. He doesn’t seem to have any chance in court with this system, but you guys are helping get the word out about what’s going on. These corrupt legal systems need to get exposed and you’re doing a great job.

    Glad to have you on our side!

  12. bhstwo says:

    Hey whats up! I loved your channel!
    Its cool. Check out mine! Stay in touch. Hope you got my friend request! Maybe you can sub thanks This is for everybody that see this

  13. childrescuer says:

    Santa Clara County, San Jose, is the MOST CORRUPT place in the world. They are dirtbags who are trafficking in children, the judges are satanists (no kidding – they have secret darkened court rooms – I have BEEN there!) They are a mockery of justice. They need to be beheaded. It can’t be fixed.

  14. churchmn says:

    I’ve seen this, and I agree this was shameless and illegal. Thanks for posting it.

  15. williamwagener says:

    Yes, a grandmother, just killed her ex-daughter in law
    in S.L.C. for totally obstructing visitations of her son Saturday,
    yesterday…. Son not involved. SAD, because a judge had ordered the State of Utah to make changes to enforce visitations… had the Legislature done their job… no one would have been killed.

  16. chillart22 says:

    In the last few years I have begun to really grasp The Bible’s descriptions of the Wrath of God.
    The continual injustice and corruption,cruelty and pain running rampant,out of control,insanely criminal,psychotic,vindictive,vicious,merciless,I’m physically sickenned by it,angered,despairing…
    I can’t explain how I feel with words anymore…..

  17. fraudbusteralert says:

    William please put this video on my Facebook page.

  18. lights21002003 says:

    the people of america have so much information on these rotten people they will go running away to another nation because we the people will not stand for our rights to be pushed aside. we the people know thats what they want is our rights to be bombarded with banker laws!!!!

  19. bertly71 says:

    Sounds alot like our government in Washington. Good work William.

  20. desertdrudge says:

    One of the better interviews and editing. It cut to the chase. As I know all too well, it is better to be free and homeless than hidden away to rot in prison on false allegations. More of the public is seeing and understanding. The anger is growing. The system has only gotten worse since Mr. Christopher was finally released after serving 6 1/2 years without a trial.

  21. diapasonify says:

    Alex jones is a nutjob

  22. williamwagener says:

    Yes, but in Orange County, CA.

    THIS video is taking place in San Jose, in 2005-6,
    and in the end the Court begged me to bring my cameras
    into video tape. At this stage, early on, both Ashley and I
    were denied our Right to put Camera in Court room.

  23. CherishTheChildren says:

    Looks like this brave lady has got them :)))Great Vid WW Love Light

  24. BeantownJim says:

    @williamwagener is this the same judge carter that was to hear orli taitz case on obama’s eligiability?

  25. aprilsunshin says:


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