Celcius Training Weapon – CTW HD Promotional Video

www.facebook.com The Celcius Training Weapon (CTW) is NOY A TOY. The most important is ALWAYS handling the CTW as if it is a real weapon. The CTW is build to be secure military/law enforcement, non-lethal training tool. User is required to handle it properly. Serious injuries can happen if the CTW is handled inappropriately. Always Follow These Firearms Safety Rules: -Treat all guns as if they are loaded. -Never point a gun at anything you do not want to destroy. -Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. -Keep you weapon on safe until your sights are on target. -Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

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    13 Responses to “Celcius Training Weapon – CTW HD Promotional Video”

    1. celciustechnology says:

      Please check our profile, because we can not type the website here.

    2. giansantiago says:

      @celciustechnology what is you email then? or your website?

    3. celciustechnology says:

      Yes, you can get a copy. Please contact us by mail or visit our website.

    4. giansantiago says:

      @celciustechnology anyway of getting a copy?

    5. celciustechnology says:


    6. celciustechnology says:

      The music is made by Coyote ASG and CELCIUS TECHNOLOGY

    7. celciustechnology says:

      They are Polish.

    8. TheGunGarage20 says:

      is it a Swedish guy that did this vid ?

    9. aCloudOfHaze says:

      excellent vid :D

    10. giansantiago says:

      what music you used?

    11. XxMarine44xX says:

      Great work! You guys needs to make a series of videos like this.

    12. Dougie666 says:

      good stuff guys, might be my next purchase!

    13. aleshku says:

      Nice video :) Good job!

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