Brutal Self-Defense: Jugular Attack

Combatives expert Kelly McCann is a military and security analyst who was a US Marine special-missions officer responsible for counterterrorism and counter-narcotics. For more self-defense videos and articles, go to

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25 Responses to “Brutal Self-Defense: Jugular Attack”

  1. 888peanut888 says:

    i feel sorry for the other guy haha

  2. USpatriot741776 says:

    Nature’s way of saying; DON”T TOUCH!

  3. marcopolo2001 says:

    Excellent technique, details and instruction. I can say first hand that this works because I used a similar technique in an unavoidable street confrontation against a thug and it worked gloriously. Kudos!

  4. ASSBANG6969 says:

    Love it…

  5. TheGreatEscapes says:

    There is so much junk on YouTube regarding self-defense, that it is always refreshing to see stuff like this …. practical and easy.

  6. joncamanei says:

    @digby72 thats right, this is the real shit

  7. joncamanei says:

    @1FuckedUpIndividual thats right he doesnt fight, he finishes you

  8. itlfa2009 says:

    McCann reminds me so much of a guy I worked with years ago. He was a Marine two tour vietnam vet, a seriously scary guy when he got pissed. They even look similar :D. I love this guy’s stuff. Simple, easy to learn, and effective as hell.

  9. 1FuckedUpIndividual says:

    this motherfucker cant fight

  10. JumperFrank says:

    that’s so painful lol xD

  11. Spykachu78 says:

    I’m going to admit, I did not expect him to be that fast. That really surprised me, but goes to show can’t judge a book by its cover.

  12. strongondefense45 says:

    he is anwesome teacher. No- nonse. and everything is backed with life experience. hes fast and strong and knows his stuff. any video he puts out is more then worth its money.

  13. TheZappmann says:

    Class, no nonsense stuff, I love it

  14. EditorialResponse says:

    You rock! Thank you for the non-lethal work.

  15. Obacoomb says:

    i feel bad for his assistant, he must go home in pain every day

  16. cGeer15 says:

    Yes, absolutely. Really easy to learn from as well. But hard to find like-minded friends that will let you beat on them like this.

  17. cerasi209 says:

    do you own his DVD’s. are they the real deal

  18. cGeer15 says:

    This is a dumb idea. Sorry bro, but if the guy is attacking you he already thinks he’s got power over you. You gonna bump chests with him, you’ll end up with a knife severing your spinal cord.

  19. cGeer15 says:

    Haha have you seen his Ground Combatives DVD? Same move he says, “Tickle his fuckin lungs.” Pretty hardcore dude.

  20. cerasi209 says:


    Dang good point. and besides with the law theses day youll end up in the paddy wagon with your new ‘friend’

  21. AParanormalLook says:

    Kelly is the man, I got his DVD’s..awesome

  22. cGeer15 says:

    Jesus don’t bite the guy! Do you want a multiple felon/repeat offender/recitivist prison parolee’s blood in your mouth? Who knows what kind of drugs/sex/death this guy has floating around in him. Most infections of the hand come from punching someone in the mouth- the mouth is very dirty- as is the BLOOD! Don’t get bit, and dont bite if you can avoid it.

  23. OccamKant says:

    Sounds like you live in a dangerous environment. That would certainly amp-up your responses.

    Violent crime is fairly rare where I live, so it would be unlikely that I would have to go for extreme measures. But of course you deal with each situation accordingly.

    If someone were to pull a weapon on me, that would certainly crank my response way up. That’s serious shit.

    I’ve got my black belt in kung fu, and I would feel free to demonstrate that in such a case.

  24. IIXShogunXII says:

    I hear you bro. I live in South Africa though, if somebody starts shit in a bar over here the usually end up being stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle or being beaten to death with a brick. I just stay away from that shit though, but if my welbeing was at stake then I would also become a brutal animal. If the other guy has a weapon though, then I will get away fast.

  25. OccamKant says:

    Good points – but you also have to keep in mind the danger level of your encounter.

    If you’re in a bar, and some drunk is giving you a hard time, it’s a little harsh to gouge out his eye.

    But if you’re in a dark alley and some guy is threatening your life, go nuts with the hard-core stuff.

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